Behavior Based Goal Setting

Most traditional goal setting programs focus on long term “results”. For example, someone might set a goal to earn a certain amount of money or lose a certain amount of weight by a given date.

In other cases, the goal may be larger like owning a home or learning a new language.

Setting big goals that define a vision for your life is a good thing. It gives you direction and inspires you to grow as a person and create positive change.

The problem… is that “traditional” goals usually take a substantial amount of time to achieve.

Many weeks, months (or sometimes years) will go by before your goal is achieved.

For many people, this can have a negative impact on their success because they never get to actually “celebrate their successes”.

With behavior based goal setting, the approach is a bit different. You still have longer term goals, but you ALSO take time to set short term goals to act, behave, think and feel on a DAILY basis.

Check out the following video for an in-depth look:



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6 thoughts on “Behavior Based Goal Setting

  1. This is an important distinction and good timing with New Year’s just around the corner. In particular your practical and likely almost universal examples, you have the case for behavior based goal setting. Who doesn’t like having a feeling of success and self-satisfaction?

    • Hey Fraser
      Thanks for the kind words. No we do not include sales letters/templates with our PLR packages unfortunately.

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