4 Roadblocks to Online Business Success

In this training post, I am going to cover the 4 main roadblocks that prevent success in the online business world. But these 4 roadblocks ultimately prevent success in area of life when you really break it all down.

Roadblock #1 – The Permission Trap

People tend to wait for permission to do things in life. Not just in their online business but in general. Many of us were conditioned to not “stray too far off the beaten path.” To avoid conflict. To avoid doing things that might upset others or get us in trouble.

The problem is that this is the kind of habit that will literally force you to fail as an entrepreneur. There is a certain mindset and attitude of ownership that you MUST adopt if you want to be successful. An attitude that basically says “I’m going to do this thing” (whatever it is) “and I’m not waiting for anyone to give me permission AND I’m not going to wait for an expert to tell me whether or not I’m doing it properly”.

Engrave the words “I give MYSELF permission” into your mind. Repeat them over and over again and anytime you find yourself questioning a good idea or something you want to try, repeat this statement and just go for it.

Study some of the most successful online entrepreneurs. Most of them operate with the kind of boldness I’m suggesting you adopt here as well.

Roadblock #2 – Picturing Your Tasks As Bigger Than They Really Are

Let’s take the example of creating and launching a digital product. For newer online entrepreneurs who have never done this before, there seems to be an element of overwhelm.

They falsely believe that in order to be a product creator, they must be a world class expert and have achieved peak success in their chosen field. But in reality, that’s not how it is at all!

The only thing you really need to be a successful product creator is to have accumulated enough information and experience about a specific topic that you are now at a point where others will pay you for your advice.

Why will they pay you?

Because you have already done all of the heavy lifting for them. They are afraid of messing up AND they are afraid of wasting time trying the wrong activities in the pursuit of their goal.

If they know you already achieved a result they want, they will pay you for the opportunity to learn your method or process for producing the result.

The real lesson – see your task for what it “really is”.

In this example, product creation is simply packaged advice or teaching and not a monumental achievement of greatness reserved only for world class experts who spent a lifetime perfecting the topic.

You don’t have to be a championship body builder to teach someone how to lose body fat. If you figured out a way to go from 25% body fat down to 15% and someone else wants to do the same (or similar)… you just have to package the process you used into a useful/practical information product and you are all set.

Roadblock #3 – There’s Already A Company That Offers What I Want To Sell

There are millions of cookbooks. Many on the same topic. Yet new ones sell (and sell well) ALL the time.

There are millions of weight loss books, courses, programs. Same deal… new ones sell all the time.

I could list a ton of examples but the point is this. It doesn’t matter at all (not even one miniscule bit) if someone has already created a product or service based on the same topic that you plan to sell.


There are a few reasons actually…

First, the internet is so busy and there are so many new offers being marketed and published every day… chances are VERY good that people who might be looking at your product or service have no idea that another competitive offer exists.

Second, people buy YOU as much as they buy the information. While someone else may create a book or program about fat loss, they cannot tell the story from your perspective.

You are unique and nothing can compete with your unique personality. It is just a plain fact that some people will prefer to learn fat loss secrets from you.

It could be because the competitive products are too expensive, not packaged the way they like it, the product creator may be annoying to them… who knows?!

Roadblock #4 – Task Overwhelm

With any new skill, when you first dive in it can feel overwhelming. Running an online business is no different.

You might have to learn things like creating slide decks, recording screen cam videos, recording live videos, delivering presentations on audio/video, creating nicely formatted PDFs, writing sales letters, setting up autoresponders, setting up a help desk, the list goes on and on.

Time and time again I see people falling victim to overwhelm and the net result is that their online business goes nowhere and generates no money.

This ultimately boils down to a few very basic root causes. I’m going to discuss 2 right now…

1.Lack of motivation or forcing function

I’ve been asked by hundreds of people how I stay so motivated and productive all of the time. My default answer is that I have no choice! I run my business full time and while I am very happy with my growth and progress, I have to keep selling and growing. Not just to maintain my lifestyle but to establish something that can take care of myself and my family for the rest of our lives.

Despite what many flashy products may tell you… this takes years to create.

If you have a day job or some kind of other financial backing and you are just sort of dabbling as a “wantrapreneur” I’m sorry to tell you but you are probably going to fail. This “task overwhelm” phase that I’m talking about in this section will very likely be too painful for you to persist.

This doesn’t mean that I’m suggesting you go and quit your job tomorrow or throw away any finances you have saved up!

But it does mean that you must shift from the position of “dabbling” to a position of commitment. You have to step into the role of true entrepreneur and treat your business MORE seriously than you would treat a new job or career position with a big company.

2.Weak/disempowering mindset

I know someone is doomed for failure when I hear them say things like:

“I’m going to try to get the sales page put together by next Friday.”
“I hope to have my product out by end of April.”
“As soon as I learn how to do screen recorder videos, I’ll be able to finish up.”

Do you see a common theme?

Here’s a powerful lesson I have learned over the years. People’s words will give you a very accurate look as to what is going on inside their mind.

When you say “I hope to have my product done by…” and the date is months away, what you are telling me is that you have very little belief in yourself and your product and the chances of you getting anything done are slim to none.

This may sound harsh but I have observed plenty of examples and this is very often how it pans out.

There’s good news though. If you have been thinking and operating from this kind of mindset, you can cure it in a matter of seconds! Just as easily as you talked about your difficulty or uncertainty about your ability to finish your product, you can step into a new aggressive and confident mindset that states “not only will I get this thing done, but I’ll be done early and it will be the best work I have ever done in my life!

It literally takes no additional effort to think and even speak that way. And if you think and speak that way often enough… your mind and body will have no choice but to follow suit.

The key thing here is that you must remember it is up to you to decide who you want to be?

  • Nervous, timid and unlikely to achieve your goals?
  • Or strong, confident and willing to do whatever it takes to make your vision and goals a reality?

Overcome these 4 roadblocks and you will quite literally remove all barriers of success in your online business. The only way to go from here is up!


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