5 High-Impact Ways To Use Our PLR Programs

At Tools For Motivation, we produce a wide variety of done-for-you content packages (done for you PLR) to help you create powerful content for

  1. Sales And Revenue Generation
  2. List Building And Lead Generation
  3. Branding And Marketing Online

Done For You PLR

Our most popular and in-depth style of package is what we call our “Full Product Packs“.

These products include 4 key folders:

  • Premium (content designed for you to generate revenue with)
  • Lead Gen (content designed for you to grow your mailing list)
  • Branding (content designed for you to publish freely on blogs or social media)
  • Social (content designed for you to grow your social media profiles and presence, long term)

5 High-Impact Methods To Test…

In the following video segment, Tools For Motivation co-founder Justin Popovic walks you through 5 powerful methods that you can test when it comes to implementing PLR (done-for-you content packages) in your business.

Note: The “full product” being referenced in the video is called Strategic Thinking but the concepts within can apply to any full product from our catalog.

The 5 methods covered in the video are…

  1. Creating A new Sales Funnel (free or paid)
  2. Add the PLR content to a Larger Course
  3. Use it as a Strategic Bonus
  4. Create Fireside Chat videos
  5. Create Premium Freebies

Here are a few transcript highlights from the video:

  • 00:05 – How To Use This PLR Pack

    So when you look at a PLR package like this you’ll probably see the sales page and kind of think of the standard ways of using it. You know you see the eBook and you can put that eBook up for sale on your website. Maybe with the workbook as a bonus in the audiobook as an upsell or something like that. That’s pretty standard. The articles could be used as blog posts. Maybe you switch up the articles with some of your own messages and you posted to our blog or maybe you take a section of the article and use that as a conversation starter on Facebook.

  • 00:38 – How To Use This PLR Pack

    What I wanted to do here was also just share a few other ideas just to get you thinking. Because when you see a PLR package of this size, with the four different folders that I just walked through, there are a lot of opportunities to use it in your content marketing. Not just now but down the road. So I really want to encourage you to think of a PLR package like this. Whether you buy this one or not, but when you have a package with this much content it becomes part of your asset base, a content asset base that you can use now and in the future.

  • 01:30 – Create a Sales Funnel

    So one thing that you could try is, as an example. You could take the eBook, the workbook and audiobook and create a product around that. And that could become a sellable item on your website. Let’s just throw out there. You’re going to sell it for 30 bucks. Okay, so it’s up, It’s up on your website, it’s selling, it’s got a public sales page, all of that. Great, great stuff. Then you decide to do some list building, whether you want to run ads on Facebook or solo ads or maybe you have an affiliate promoting you.

  • 03:58 – Add It To A Larger Course

    The next one down here is added to a larger course. So a lot of people will come to our help desk and they’ll say okay I just bought your PLR product, and so and so. And I’ve got the book here, how much do I sell it for? Do you have a recommended price? And we don’t, because so many of our customers actually do this type of implementation where they just take a PLR product and that just becomes a component of something much larger. It might be a chapter in a book that they’re selling or it might be a module in a course that they’re selling. So strategic thinking could be one module in a 4, 6 or 8 module course that you build into your website.

  • 05:03Use It As A Strategic Bonus

    Next one down using it as a strategic bonus. Going back to my original example… If you had a product on your website for sale, a strategic thinking eBook, audiobook and workbook, it’s $30, whatever. And then you decide later on that you want to promote another product. Whether it’s your own, maybe it’s a new coaching program you’re launching. Or maybe it’s somebody else’s that you’re promoting as an affiliate. Now you’ve got this item with real value. It’s you know, it’s for sale on your website at 30, 40 bucks. You can offer this $40 bonus as a free gift if they decide to purchase a different offer from you.

  • 05:53Create Fireside Chat Videos

    What the concept is is you simply just pull out a small passage from the book or one of the articles or really any component in this package that we’re delivering to you today. You read the first part of the passage, think about it, and then turn to the camera and just speak your mind about it. So what you’re doing is you’re letting the PLR guide you to create authentic videos with your opinions and thoughts on the subject. I like to do this with a partner because then you can have someone that you’re speaking to sort of podcast style and then what the PLR does is it just leads the discussion. But in the end you’re creating a unique piece of video content where you and your partner are talking about (in this case strategic thinking) by reading a passage and then discussing that passage. So it’s a really cool way of building sort of off the cuff video content or you could do it in audio format as well and it lets your followers or potential subscribers see your personality, get a chance to see your style.

  • 07:06 – Create Premium Freebies

    And then finally create premium freebies. You’ve probably if you’re on our list, you’ve probably seen that we like to do this. We give free content, freebies away to our list every week. Just sort of as a way to make them feel valued as an email subscriber. So giving away something that you would normally charge for free. Just to say thank you for being a subscriber is a great piece of advice that I would like to share with you because it works well for us. And you can use pl are like this to create all kinds of little freebies. You can take that lead generation report and within our terms of use, this is allowed because they’re a subscriber. And you’re giving them the report privately, you can just give them this report on strategic thinking for free.Check out our other training on Content Creation

10 thoughts on “5 High-Impact Ways To Use Our PLR Programs”

  1. Hi Justin, I just bought into your PLRs. I have other PLR but was not quite sure on how to use them. You seem to have put together something that I and many other marketers consider valuable. Thanks

  2. Mona Kelsh-Dirrett

    Justin and Ted —
    Thank you SO MUCH for always providing such great content. I am learning so much and appreciate you more than words can say!

    1. Hey Mona… really happy to hear you’ve been getting value from our content and training! Best of luck with your business in the year ahead!

  3. Hello Justin, Your learning videos are awesome. I’ve purchased PLR materials, Courses, E-Books, etc. from your company as well as others. The one thing that I can’t find from anyone, is how to separate all of the PLR content, repurposing the content to put in new folders, setting it up for the funnels, connecting it to a platform or my website, etc. I’m really lost.
    Are there any courses on how to setup everything from” Purchasing the PLR , setting it up, then selling?

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