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5 High-Impact Ways To Use Our PLR Programs

At Tools For Motivation, we product a wide variety of done-for-you content packages to help you create powerful content for

  1. Sales And Revenue Generation
  2. List Building And Lead Generation
  3. Branding And Marketing Online

Our most popular and in-depth style of package is what we call our “Full Product Packs“.

These products include 4 key folders:

  • Premium (content designed for you to generate revenue with)
  • Lead Gen (content designed for you to grow your mailing list)
  • Branding (content designed for you to publish freely on blogs or social media)
  • Social (content designed for you to grow your social media profiles and presence, long term)

5 High-Impact Methods To Test…

In the following video segment, Tools For Motivation co-founder Justin Popovic walks you through 5 powerful methods that you can test when it comes to implementing PLR (done-for-you) content in your business.

Note: The “full product” being referenced in the video is called Strategic Thinking but the concepts within can apply to any full product from our catalog.

The 5 methods covered in the video are…

  1. Creating A new Sales Funnel (free or paid)
  2. Add the PLR content to a Larger Course
  3. Use it as a Strategic Bonus
  4. Create Fireside Chat videos
  5. Create Premium Freebies


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