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6 Ways to Repurpose a Single Tip Sheet …In Under Ten Minutes

In the following video presentation, we will take one of our many done-for-you Self Help Tip Sheets (which we produce on a weekly basis, every Wednesday) and REPURPOSE it into several formats that can be used for marketing your business/brand.

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Below the video… you will find a description of the process I teach within the video… as well as a download link that includes the actual Tip Sheet used in our demo (no cost to you) AND the repurposed content from it. Download the content and use as you want – for free!

The Process:

1. Start with a tip sheet that you want to repurpose that contains information relevant to your area of expertise.

2. Follow the steps in the video below to repurpose the tip sheet into the following areas

  • An audio recording (mp3) for sharing on sites Soundcloud
  • A slide deck which you can export into .ppt .pdf among many others (also sharable on many platforms)
  • A video you can publish on Youtube
  • An infographic for social sharing (using Canva as the creation tool)
  • Multiple Instragram posts (using Canva as the creation tool)
  • An email broadcast for your mailing list

3. Download the tip sheet from our video AND get the outputs from our video lesson so you can see the assets we actually built during this training session.

CLICK HERE to download the content




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4 thoughts on “6 Ways to Repurpose a Single Tip Sheet …In Under Ten Minutes

  1. Fabulous tip on tips, if you’ll excuse the pun, you guys 😉 I really learnt a lot and it has sparked my imagination. Thanks a million. Already signed up for free Canva.

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