Adding Value to Your Offers Using PLR

In this “behind the scenes” style training video I want to show you some exciting results we were able to produce while promoting another company as an affiliate. We were able to earn commissions as an affiliate (an extra line of revenue for our business over and above the products we sell on our own website) and we earned bonus commissions as part of the “affiliate contest”.

In this video I talk about our strategy of using bonuses and creating a high level of engagement with our customer list to produce great results… both for affiliate offers and our own.

AND… as you’ll see in this training video, you can apply many of the same concepts when you purchase PLR programs. You can use these packages to “stack the value” whether you are promoting your own offers or affiliate related offers.

If you have PLR sitting on your hard drive not being used, this is be a GREAT place to start.

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