Product Retirement (Last Chance) Sale…

Here at Tools For Motivation, we have been creating new Self Help Private Label Rights products each and every week… for over a decade! 

At least once a year, we “retire” some of our previously released packages and they become no longer available for purchase.

August 31, 2022: is our next scheduled product retirement event.

On the page below, you will see a list of 12 “soon-to-be-retired” Self Help PLR products from our back catalog. You will also find a COUPON code that will get you 60% OFF the listed price for each of the 12 products.

NOTE: We are limiting the number of orders for each of the products in this offer to 50 (see each product for remaining quantity). The product will automatically become unavailable when the quantity reaches zero (or on Aug.31 at midnight EDT – whichever comes first).

Each of our featured products below covers a popular and important topic in the Self Help and Personal Development niche. You can use these products to help you create content for sale, for lead generation or general marketing and branding…

Get A Whopping 60% OFF The Following Done-For-You Self Help Packages From Our Catalog (limited quantities available - check each product for # remaining)


Coupon Code Details…

First Things First – You Will Need A COUPON CODE FOR THIS OFFER

Your 60% Off Coupon applies to all products listed below on this special offer page

COUPON = Retire2022

FIRST: Simply browse our product list below (RIGHT-CLICK and open each product in a NEW TAB) to learn more about what is included.

THEN: Add any items you like to your cart and use COUPON = Retire2022 to apply the 60% discount

(Remember to check each product to see how many copies are remaining)

(Note: ADD any items you like to your cart and use COUPON = Retire2022 to apply the 60% discount)

Your License And Other Important Sale Details...


Each package has a license associated with it. The terms of the license will vary based on the “type” of product you are looking at. 

When you view the products included in this 60% OFF Retirement Sale, the license will appear at the bottom of each sales page (simply click any product you like to view the full details).

Next Steps…

  • Head up to the list of available products (above) and decide which ones you want. 
  • Add any products you would like to purchase to your cart
  • View Cart
  • Enter COUPON = Retire2022
  • The price will drop by 60%
  • Checkout

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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