Building A 5 Day Mini Course With PLR

The following example shows PLR (Private Label Rights) content in action. PLR is essentially “done for you” content that you can purchase a license to. Once you own a license, you can then edit/modify/change and then publish that content as your own.
On this website, Tools For Motivation, we specialize in creating PLR packages in the Personal Development space.


In today’s lesson, I want to show you how to take a simple PLR ebook and turn it into an engaging 5-Part Mini Course. You will deliver the same information from the ebook… but in a different, more powerful way.

Why A Mini Course?

There are many different reasons why you might want to try this. The key reasons

  • Higher Perceived Value (conversions)
  • Powerful Form Of Delivery (effectiveness)
  • Valuable Content To Sell Or Pre-Sell (revenue)
  • New Channel To Reach Your Market (branding)
  • 5 Interactions Instead Of 1 (engagement)

The Process…

In the following tutorial video, I create a mini course using the pre-written ebook and email series from a product called RESOLVE: How To Boost Your Willpower from our store here at Tools For Motivation

The steps are as follows:

  1. Start with a PLR ebook/email series
  2. Read it and extract 5 key lessons for your course
  3. Open mini course templates as a guide (download the templates here)
  4. Fill in the templates (bulk of time here)
  5. Once completed decide on delivery format

Video Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions…



30 thoughts on “Building A 5 Day Mini Course With PLR”

  1. Very helpful tutorial. I love the templates, and the advice to build the mini-course THEN choose the delivery platform is excellent. So many people get stuck on the technology and never get around to creating the course! Thanks for the quality content. 🙂

    1. Hey Andrea
      Thank you! So glad you liked it and that you agree with the approach of content first then delivery. Baby steps 😉

  2. Great instructional video Justin – How to create a 5 day mini course using PLR content. You’re a great teacher as well. Very helpful for me. Theses instructional video’s help to enlighten and free my mind from the overwhelming process of thinking How to create and actually and get things done. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Your tutorial was practical and eye-opening! I’m about to go back and re-watch the Nov 15 post on video content now that I have some more ideas in mind.

    I love the quality of your products but sometimes figuring out out how to unleash the potential of what you’ve created into my own voice is a stumbling block. I LOVE THIS. Thank you so much Justin.

    1. Thanks Brooke
      That is a GREAT point and I think a lot of people can relate to the fact that turning PLR into your own voice can be tough. Hopefully this course approach can help!

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing training. Made sense to go ahead and take advantage of the incredible offer you made as well – for the actual PLR program used, together with this training. Will be using this for list building, since I’m starting all over again from scratch. You guys are truly awesome.

    1. Always love hearing from you Marilyn. So glad to hear this was helpful for you and gave you some direction for getting your PLR content into action!!

  5. Thank you so much for this training! This site has become my favorite and my go-to site for PLR and training! You guys are amazing!

  6. Your presentation was great and helpfull. I will try to apply your advice and create my first mini-course. Now I know how to use a PLR product. Thanks

  7. Ab Fab! I love your style, Justin – the provide clarity and simplicity, yet effectiveness.

    I am inspired to create my first proper mini-course using your excellent approach.

    1. Hey Brendah thanks for your input and kind words! That’s awesome I’d love to see what you come up with keep me posted!

    1. You could do either! I recommend giving it away as a freebie for list building because the value will be high (i.e. you could charge for it) and will be a great way to start the relationship off with your new prospect 🙂

  8. Justin, once again, you shine! Thank you for reminding me what I know while being a servant to the perfection witch, whom I am evicting. OUT! Get thee behind me. You have created a great team with Ted.

    1. Hey Donna… great to hear from you thanks for your comment. So glad you have been finding the material helpful and I’m sure you’ve been keeping busy as always. Wishing you continued success in your business!

  9. I love this training, Justin and Ted! Thank you for helping us to be more creative, as it always leads to increased visibility and profits! You guys are super awesome!

    1. Thanks Connie!! So glad you liked this approach and I can only imagine the directions you might take it! Looking forward to seeing what you end up putting together 🙂

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