Building A Video Course Based On Private Label Rights Content

One of the most common questions we get here at Tools For Motivation is how to take our PLR content and turn it into customized course material.

Whether you are looking to launch a mini course that introduces your clients to your expertise or if you are building something larger, PLR content can help you get the job MUCH more quickly than creating the course from scratch. Behind The Scenes Planning Session…

Today I’d like to share something a bit different than usual. The following video shows a behind-the-scenes brainstorming and planning session that I filmed with one of our training partners, Chad Fullerton. The idea was simple…

Create a video course using a PLR course as a starting point.

The execution was also simple…

  1. We found a high quality done-for-you course about a topic we both wanted to teach.
  2. Add personal video lessons to complement the written lessons from the PLR course
  3. Combine our videos with the PLR content and publish

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