Creating Video And Audio Lessons For Your Clients Using PLR

A common conversation we have with our customers is about the steps required to take PLR content and make it unique. More specifically, how to use the content and build something that comes directly from YOU.

For example, if you have students/clients/patients who come to you for advice on a weekly or monthly basis, it would be far more beneficial to you and your brand if the lessons you were sharing were delivered in your own voice.

When using PLR, there is admittedly a gap…

The content was NOT originally created by you even though the lessons contained within are a perfect fit for the type of advice you like to deliver to your audience.

The solution… learn how to quickly create video and audio lessons for your students so they “hear” from you on a regular basis.

In this demo below I want to show just how easy this can be.

I am going to show you…

  • How to take text based PLR and quickly turn it into both audio and video lessons in your own voice
  • I will show you the process I personally use (I use a Mac and so some of the tools would be different on a PC). For this reason…
  • I will also show you an alternate method for producing the same result if you are on a PC

NOTE… none of the steps in this process are complicated. It will require a bit of learning and testing but by no means is this something that I would consider “technically advanced”. You simply need to give it a try and you will quickly figure it out 🙂


  1. Find a PLR text file that you want to share as a video/audio lesson with your audience
  2. Record the text into audio using your favorite audio recorder (I use Garageband on the Mac, if you are on a PC you can use Audacity). Export the ebook/report/article as an mp3 audio file.
  3. Create a simple slide deck which summarizes the key sections of your selected audio. My demo uses THIS SLIDE DECK TEMPLATE (free download courtesy of Tools For Motivation)
  4. Merge your audio with the slides to create a video.


  • My process uses Screenflow on the Mac. If you are on PC you can do the same thing with Camtasia
  • Alternately you can use Powerpoint on its own if you follow our friend Sharyn Sheldon’s advice HERE
    (Sharyn is the founder of Content Sparks, another popular done-for-you content vendor)


Please watch the following video tutorial to see my exact process in action…



I have published a small sample of the actual video I created (part of a real promotion I’m running) during this demo. To see it please follow these steps

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Thanks for checking it out!!



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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for as to how exactly to blend ebook info and presentation without something complicated. This has been so helpful that I It makes me want to join whatever you guys are selling!

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