Creative Visualization: Done-For-You Self Help Product You Can Sell As Your Own

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Do You Sell Expert Advice Or Coaching Online?

If so, I’d like to share a great tool you can use to help with your marketing, lead generation AND revenue generation.

As you scroll down this page, you will see the details of a completely done-for-you personal development information product called Creative Visualization – Imagining Your Success

There are 2 very specific functions of this product:

  1. To provide you with tips, advice and strategies to help you improve your life by learning how to use visualization.
  2. To provide you with your own fully customizable digital product that you can edit, repackage and sell as your own


If you haven’t heard this term before, it is effectively “licensing”. With our Creative Visualization – Imagining Your Success info-product displayed on this page, you have a chance to acquire a full digital product AND the “usage rights” to the content so you can sell it as your own!

We provide you with a pre-made ebook, articles, lead generation report, sales and lead capture pages, marketing graphics and more! So instead of having to build your own product from scratch, you can start with our content package, add your own “flare” and have your own digital product up and selling on your website in a fraction of the time!

Visualization Is A HUGE Personal Development Topic…

It is a well documented fact that virtually all Olympic champions rely heavily on visualization techniques when it comes to practicing their sport. The reason is that the brain cannot distinguish the difference between an imagined event and a real event.

So mental “practice” using visualization is a quick and simple method that can allow ANY high achiever to increase their practice time without physically taking part in their chosen craft.

There are a number of tips and strategies that a person can learn to implement and ultimately benefit from creative visualization.

This is exactly why we have created Creative Visualization – Imagining Your Success

At, we specialize in developing high quality white label content in the personal development niche. Our PLR info products cover the most popular topics in the personal growth arena. You simply download the material and it is ready for you to customize, repurpose and publish as your own!

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Main Report –

Creative Visualization is a 6,100 word, 24 page report.

It was designed to teach people how they can tap into the power of creative visualization

It focuses on:

  • The Basics of Creative Visualization
  • What is it?
  • Why is it Important?
  • How can it Help me?
  • Using Creative Visualization
  • Preliminary Considerations
  • The Process
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques
  • Creative Visualization in Action


This is a full featured Tools for Motivation Product.  The report comes packaged with:


10 Articles –

Ten 400+ word articles that you can post and repurpose any way you want.  The articles are provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pdf | .pages


  • Walking the Walk
  • A Creative Visualization Example
  • Can Creative Visualization Help Me
  • What Creative Visualization is Not
  • What is Creative Visualization
  • Creative Visualization Things to Know Before You Begin
  • Daydreaming and Creative Visualization
  • Relaxation Through Breathing
  • The Importance of Creative Visualization
  • The Miracle of Creative Visualization

Article Thumbs


This package includes a mini-report that complements the main report.  This guide is perfect to use as “opt-in bait”. It includes it’s own 3D eCover with editable flat images included.  Provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pdf | .pages



Squeeze Page

The mini-report comes with a ready to use HTML squeeze page.  Editable images included. 




This checklist is an overview of the main report. It breaks the report into easy to read point form format. This is perfect for hand-outs. Provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pdf | .pages


Trainer’s Slidedeck

The main guide is also broken down into an easy-to-follow slidedeck perfect for presentations. Provided in the following formats: .ppt | .keynote




Included in the package is a high-impact infographic.  This 600px x 2000px  graphic showcases information, tips and/or stats about the main report’s topic.  It is ideal for sharing on social media or blogs. It includes an area for you to quickly add your own branding/domain.  Provided in the following formats: .png (web optimized) | .psd (editable)



Quote Posters

These 30 large images (800px by 1000px) are created by our in-house designer.  Each poster includes a quote related to the main report’s topic.  These posters can be shared on your website, blog or social networks.  Provided in the following formats: .jpg | .psd (editable)



Sales & Download Pages

HTML sales and download pages are also included.  These HTML pages include editable source image files.

A pre-written sales letter is also included.  



Post-Sale Autoresponder

Build customer loyalty, and revenue by plugging our post-sale autoresponder into any email marketing software. Provided in the following formats: .doc | .txt | .pages

How Can You Get The Most Out Of This PLR Package?

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Summary Of PLR Content License…

    • Creative Visualization eBook: 6100 word fully editable report covering the fundamentals of creative visualization. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
    • 10 Visualization Based Articles: 10 web-publishable, fully editable articles about popular visualization tips and ideas. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
    • Power Of Visualization Intro Report: 1500 word fully editable “teaser” report about the essentials and benefits of creative visualization. Great for “pre-sales” for your main Creative Visualization book. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
    • Squeeze Page: Pre-built lead generation HTML page you can use to gain subscribers by offering the intro report for free.
    • Power Of Visualization Checklist: An overview of the key lessons from the main creative visualization ebook. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
    • Trainer’s Slide Deck: A slide deck break down of the main lessons from the creative visualization  ebook. Perfect for speakers/trainers. Comes in PowerPoint and Keynote formats
    • Visualization Infographic: Fully editable/customizable infographic about “creative visualization tips”. Comes in PNG and PSD editable formats
    • Quote Posters For Social Media: 20 fully editable posters showcasing famous quotes about creative visualization. Comes is PNG and PSD editable formats
    • Sales And Download Pages: Pre-Built HTML pages with pre-written sales copy describing the features and benefits of the main creative visualization ebook. Editable graphics and source files included.
    • 10 Part Autoresponder Sequence: 10 email messages you can use as follow up material for your creative visualization ebook readers. Each email message is editable and can help you to upsell/cross sell additional training or downloadable products.


Store Price: $77
4 Day Special: $17


Our License

[YES] Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is (personal use only)
[YES] Can be bundled with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can claim full authorship
[YES] Can alter ecover graphics
[NO] Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.) with the exception of the following, which CAN be used as opt-in bonuses:

  • Checklists
  • Posters
  • Infographic
  • Related Articles
  • Mini Report

[NO] Can publish as free web content (i.e. blog posts, social sites, etc..) with the exception of the following which CAN be published freely on the web:

  • Checklists
  • Posters
  • Infographic
  • Related Articles

[NO] Can sell resell rights
[NO] Can sell master resell rights
[NO] Can sell private label rights

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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