DIY Course Building With PLR – Pilot Offer

Special Presentation: Watch Us Create A Brand New Self Help Course Using A Collection Of Quality PLR Products

Plus A Short Term Special Offer To Purchase A PLR Version Of Our Course

Justin Popovic and Ted Payne here, founders of Tools For Motivation. We’d like to invite you to a very special training session (plus special offer) in collaboration with our business partner Chad Fullerton from Fullerton Media. 

You are on this page as a result of personal invite or a private email broadcast… so THANKS for stopping by!

On the page below, you will find 2 important items that I want to draw your attention to…

Part 1 – FREE Private Training

A few months back we built an exclusive training session called “A Simple Method For Building Your First Course” that will show you step-by-step how to take a collection of PLR products/programs and build your first course that you can sell on your website (or favorite course delivery platform).

If you want to create your own course… be SURE to watch the training video below (the training is 100% FREE to view below)…

  • Be sure to download our course curriculum template (included below the training video)
  • Be sure to download our course curriculum example (included below the training video)

Part 2 – Special Offer For Training Attendees

In our special presentation training session, we take a total of 6 PLR Bundles from Tools For Motivation and customize them into a Self Help course called UNLEASH Your Higher Self (4 Weeks To Break Free Of The Limitations Of Your Lower Self).

On this special training page… you can purchase all 6 PLR programs AND our custom course with full Private Label Rights (so you can sell the course as your own) for a low 1-time fee. 

[Part 1] FREE TRAINING - How To Build Your First Course Using Done-For-You Content


Start by watching the the following IN DEPTH TRAINING VIDEO where we show you how to take PLR content and turn it into your own course that you can begin selling online TODAY.

You DO NOT need to purchase any new PLR to pull this off (you can use existing PLR or if you have been following us we give out free PLR every week)

From The Training Video – Here Is The 5 Step Process For Building Your Course

1. Decide on your course Theme and Title (6:45 of the video)

2. Define the Intended Outcome of your course (7:29 of the video)

3. Take Inventory of the PLR you own to use for your course creation (8:05 of the video)
–> See THIS BLOG POST for extra help

4. Build your Course Curriculum (12:45 of the video)
–> To download a copy of our specific course curriculum for “Unleash Your Higher Self” – CLICK HERE
–> To download a copy of our course curriculum templateCLICK HERE

5. Combine the PLR content into Lessons and Worksheets for your course (19:30 of the video)

6. ADDED BONUS – Resource Sheet
We had several people ask about the different platform options available for course publishers. Some people may host their own course while others choose to go with a hosted solution. We have put together a short list of resources to help you decide the best option for you. 
–> To download a copy of our course resource sheetCLICK HERE


[Part 2] SPECIAL OFFER - Get The Final Version Of Our Custom Built Course Plus All 6 PLR Bundles Used To Build The Course... For One Super Low Bulk Price


In the training video above… you watched us take 6 PLR Products from the Tools For Motivation catalog and turn them into a 4 part course called “Unleash Your Higher Self“. With the short term special offer on this page, you can get…

  • ALL 6 Original PLR Bundles
  • PLUS… the final version of our ready-to-sell course (with full Private Label Rights)
  • AND… we are including a downloadable version of our training video so you can review and revisit it as you need to

Public Price (Store Value): $600+
Special Recorded-Webinar Pricing: $197

Here Is An Overview Of Everything Included In This Training/PLR Special Offer...


When you purchase the special offer on this page you will acquire all of the following:

Done-For-You Self Help Course “Unleash Your Higher Self”…

As you watch the training video above you will see the unfolding of a Self Help course that was built using PLR content from Tools For Motivation. With this special offer, you will get PLR access to the entire final version of the course:

The Course Files Include

  • Course Curriculum
  • Module 1 – Looking Back
    • Module Lesson Booklet (.docx and .pdf format)
    • 5 Worksheets for Module 1 (.docx and .pdf format)
    • Bonus Video Lesson
  • Module 2 – Goal Setting
    • Module Lesson Booklet (.docx and .pdf format)
    • 7 Worksheets for Module 2 (.docx and .pdf format)
    • Bonus Video Lesson
  • Module 3 – Let’s Go Taking Action
    • Module Lesson Booklet (.docx and .pdf format)
    • 2 Worksheets for Module 3 (.docx and .pdf format)
  • Module 4 – Get It Together
    • Module Lesson Booklet (.docx and .pdf format)
    • 5 Worksheets for Module 4 (.docx and .pdf format)
  • Templates
    • Course curriculum for Unleash Your Higher Self
    • Fill in the blank course curriculum


The 6 Original PLR Bundles Used To Build The Course…

Downloadable Version Of Our Training Video…

When you purchase the special offer here we will also include a copy of the training video along with the slide deck used to produce the training video. This way you have a local copy of the training you can go through in the future (at your own pace).

Public Price (Store Value): $600+
Special Recorded-Webinar Pricing: $197

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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