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From Justin Popovic…

In a recent web class that I hosted, one of the talk tracks went down the road of email marketing. One of the attendees was asking for advice about how to build and grow their mailing list. But they were concerned about finding the right prospects and they also had some apprehensions about sending out the wrong message and bothering people (possibly resulting in spam complaints).

As someone who has used email marketing as my primary method of revenue generation for many years, I wanted to share some of my best advice specifically related to the question. 

In the video below, you will hear a segment of this web class and my breakdown of some of my best advice when it comes to email marketing, building your list, ENGAGING with your list, mail frequency and much more…

Quick Summary Of Key Talk Points From The Video Segment Above…

2:00 – Non-targeted list example

2:50 – Personal branding as it relates to email marketing

3:50 – Not worrying about spamming people as long as you use your autoresponder correctly

4:10 – Email frequency. More email marketing usually translates to more revenue (when done correctly)

4:25 – How small your true audience is versus the size of your list (the number of true “good” leads is tiny compared to the total number of prospects who sign up for your list)

4:40 – Consistently mailing your list (daily is my recommendation) as a way to find your best prospects and customers. Making sure your mailers use a careful mix of promotion, value delivery, story telling, etc…

5:30 – Think of individual customers when you write your email broadcasts. Pretend you are talking to that person. If you have conversations (phone, text, email, FB messenger, etc….) with your customers regularly, then you can think back to these and write your email in a way that speaks directly to that person. It will help you feel like you are helping them directly… and by proxy your email will have the same effect on ALL of your readers.

6:25 – How our full list gets segmented into different “buckets” so that certain email broadcasts go to certain people.

7:30 – How to genuinely feel confident to send email broadcasts frequently without feeling guilty or worrying about bothering people.

8:35 – How segmenting lists can help you target your message to the right “segment” of people on your list.

9:40 – My take on using ActiveCampaign as our autoresponder at Tools for Motivation. How we use automatons to send targeted email marketing to people based on buying behavior.

11:40 – How to overcome the worry about spamming or bothering people. It is normal to be apprehensive and how I overcame my worries and insecurities around email marketing aggressively (in my case on a daily basis)

13:45 – An example of someone unsubscribing from my list who was bothered by my relentless (frequent) style of email marketing. How to be prepared for when it happens and how to move past it.

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