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How To Organize Your PLR Content To Keep Track Of What You Own

In this post, we are going to be discussing a strategy for organizing PLR content. PLR stands for “Private Label Rights” and it is a fancy name for licensed content which is what we sell here at Tools For Motivation. If you are new to PLR read about us here.


One of the most common questions we get from our customers is “How do I keep track of the PLR content that I have purchased so I don’t forget what I own?

This is a GREAT question because once you find a few good sources of private label content, you will likely start accumulating lots of material that can come in handy when marketing your business/brand online.

In the video segment below, we cover some simple strategies that you can use to keep your content organized into relevant categories so that you can quickly find the PLR material that is most useful for your current projects.


Below is a screenshot of the sample folder structure we created in the demo video above.

This example was created on a Mac computer but you could easily follow the exact same folder/sub-folder system on a Windows machine to create a repository of PLR content that you can quickly pull from for your projects…


Full Page Screen Capture…

Towards the end of the video presentation above, Chad Fullerton (our guest presenter) mentioned the Full Page Screen Capture plugin for the Chrome Browser which will help you take full screenshots of sales pages.

If you want to test it out you can go here: FULL PAGE SCREEN CAPTURE PLUGIN

Thanks for checking out our little training session. Hopefully this helps you stauy organized 🙂



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10 thoughts on “How To Organize Your PLR Content To Keep Track Of What You Own

    • That’s great Albert! Very good idea for staying organized especially as you accumulate more and more content over time!

  1. This is a great post – biggest challenge has been locating what I want when I want it! This provides great direction. And I LOVE the screen capture plugin! Amazing tool! I see so many potential uses for it… You’re always so ahead of the curve in every aspect of PLR and the various tools and resources available. Thank you!

    • Hey Marilyn… thanks for your comment! Yes that screen capture tip came from our guest speaker Chad Fullerton. He has always has AMESOME tips when it comes to the latest tools and tech available to help with online publishing!


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