How To Use All Components Of A PLR Package – Step By Step

In the following training video, we are going to take a “walk through” one of our FULL PRODUCTS here at Tools For Motivation.

Think of this as a demo/training session where you can take notes and generate tons of ideas for how to best use the content you have purchase (from us OR other PLR providers as well).

This demo uses a product that contains 4 folders of content

  • Premium Content (designed to be sold)
  • Lead Generation (designed for list building)
  • Branding (designed for marketing online)
  • Social (design for marketing on social media)

Here are the extended training modules mentioned in the video above…


Unsplash (Enhancing your content with images):


PLR Graphic Editing:



Here Is The Flow Chart Referenced In The Video Above…

5 thoughts on “How To Use All Components Of A PLR Package – Step By Step”

  1. Thank you for that comprehensive lesson and the flow chart. I got a lot of implementable nuggets. Now off to put to good use my new knowledge.

  2. Thank you Justin 🙂 I have lots of ideas now and a plan. I love how organised it all is, it reduces the overwhelm I can sometimes feel.

    After watching this, I am feeling a lot more confident to get back out there and have another go at it.

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