How to use PLR to Create Unique Content

In this training video, we use some PLR content that has web publishable rights (meaning, it can be spread across the web anywhere without restriction) to create unique content.

The purpose of the video is to give you an example of 1 way you can use PLR to make your own unique content.

This is ONLY 1 one example though and the main reason I created this was to get you thinking outside the box. Hopefully you can use the method I highlight here BUT… more importantly, you can also come up with many other unique ways to put our PLR to use in your business.

In this video, I take a Poster from a PLR product and turn it into a unique Youtube video that promotes my personal blog

1 thought on “How to use PLR to Create Unique Content”

  1. Loved your presentation, Justin. I’m more and more intrigued and am putting into my plan some mini courses. Will keep you informed! Meanwhile thanks for your ideas!

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