Value of PLR. Is It Too Generic To Offer Genuine Value?

In this post, I wanted to touch on a subject coming up quite frequently at our help desk lately. What is the value of PLR if it’s too generic?

Value of PLR

New people are looking at Tools For Motivation products and wondering if our content is just “generic self-help advice“. Or if it contains unique insights and perspectives that will really inspire the reader.

It seems some people are concerned about publishing content that is too generic and not specifically useful to the end reader. Often they want with real examples, stats, data, etc…. They think that without it may be too generic to offer genuine value.

They wonder if our PLR will help them publish advice of genuine value to their audience.

My reply usually goes something like this…

As a company, we are in constant pursuit of producing high quality, useful PLR material. We have evolved our research, writing and editing process over many years to a point where we have a huge amount of positive feedback from our customers. We know we are on the right track (and we continue to work on improving)…

Having said all of that: At the end of the day, I will always remind you that PLR content is a “tool” to help you with your content creation.

In some cases (depending on your goals), simply taking what we have built and publishing it will work very well

However, in other cases, it is vitally important to use the PLR as a “baseline”.  That is especially true if you are someone who wants to share specific/unique advice with your audience. From there, build on that to create content that meets the needs of your audience and what they expect from you.

So if you want to be known as someone who doesn’t just recycle generic advice but offers a unique perspective on solutions to life’s problems (in whatever niche you are in)…

… then it would only make sense that YOU produce unique content that draws upon your life experiences and falls in line with the type of advice you genuinely want to share with your followers.

Free PLR Download For Visitors To Our Training Portal…

Here’s a little piece of content you can experiment with. It is an article/audio combo called…

Success Takes Longer Than You Think (free download)

It’s a short piece of advice that speaks directly to the reality of the pursuit of success in any endeavour of life. Whether it is business, health, relationship or any other kind of goal…

…if the vision is large enough, the end result is likely going to take far longer than you expect when you set the goal in a state of excitement and optimism.

Make This Your Own And Offer Genuine Value…

We wrote the above free PLR download in a generic tone. It contains some powerful truths about the pursuit of success… but it certainly lacks any specific examples or stories that could potentially make the lesson “come alive”.

YOUR JOB as the publisher of the content is to use this PLR as a “tool” to get you started.

Read/listen to the content first to get the creative juices flowing.

Make some notes or brainstorm some stories that you could tell that would help your audience really understand the message and be inspired to apply the lesson to their life!

True Value Of PLR Content…

The above scenario I have just laid out demonstrates the true value of PLR to me. Don’t ask a PLR company (or a ghostwriter or freelancer, etc…) to build you powerful and unique content. Instead, ask them to build content that enables you to stand out from the crowd.

USE those opportunities as tools to help YOU create unique pieces of content.  That will elevate your audience and leave them feeling inspired by your words/advice.

Hope you like it!


19 thoughts on “Value of PLR. Is It Too Generic To Offer Genuine Value?”

  1. This makes perfect sense. For me all PLR is for inspiration. I love to translate my content to my audience in my own voice.

    You do a great job providing us with useful tools to get the juices flowing.


    1. Hey Shalita, thanks for sharing! That’s great to hear and a perfect example of how to effectively use PLR content 🙂

  2. Hi, I love the content of yours that I have read so far, thank you!

    If I add my own stories etc but still copy and paste some of your PLR content, won’t Google see those sections I copied and pasted as duplicate content? I heard that even ‘spinners’ are now no good, as they are still too similar to the original content and Google still frowns on it and it can affect SEO.

    What are your thoughts, please?

    1. Hey Jo, good question. For the most part I would not use PLR articles directly as blog content that you intend to have ranked in Google… unless you plan to edit and customize them. The best blog posts are typically unique material. You CAN create these kind of blog posts using PLR as a baseline/outline, but yes I would recommend making changes for sure. Having said that, the articles can be used for many other purposes…
      – Extract sections for social media posts
      – Narrate into audio or video
      – Combine with other articles into reports
      – Use articles within your email broadcasts
      – Save an article as a PDF and offer it as a free download
      – Blend articles with worksheets and handouts for students of your courses
      – etc…

      Hopefully that helps!

  3. Like many folks, I have bought PLR from dozens of vendors. However, on my main screen I only keep folders for the top five. You are one of them! And for a good reason ….along with your quality content, you bring good value. Continued success, amigo….

  4. Thank you Jo for the question. I didn’t know that about Google. Also, thank you Justin for your detailed answer to Jo’s question. I haven’t started doing blogs yet. I’m using parts of your material in my sales funnals. It works great on lead capture pages & thank you pages. It’s also great for email sequences.

  5. This exactly how I use PLR – as a baseline. First, if I’m going to use some of the content in a blog post, it prevents me from staring at a blank screen. Once I read through a piece of material on a topic I’m either very familiar with or fairly familiar, ideas start to flow. If I’m not very familiar, I jot down points, do more research and then put it together in my own unique way.

    Even if someone else has used the same info to write a blog post, because I added my own stories and my perspective, it would only be recognizable by someone who read the exact same thing and recognized a few sentences I may not have changed.

    It also help to purchase excellent quality PLR as the ones provided by Tools for Motivation.

    Thank you, Justin and Team.

    1. Thanks Yvonne… that sounds like an excellent model for implementing PLR. Appreciate the kind words and your continued support 🙂

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