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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne here… founders of Tools For Motivation where we specialize in building high quality done-for-you Self Help content (that you can publish as your own).

This kind of content is often referred to as Private Label Rights (PLR). We have been in the PLR business since 2010… full time. Content creation is what we do.

We have a team of expert writers, researchers, editors, speakers, and designers who work together to create extensive personal development packages that you can sell as your own!

If you are a coach, author, speaker, teacher/trainer, or consultant… and you want to sell your programs online, Tools For Motivation content can be your secret weapon.

We make it quick and easy for you to create high-quality Personal Development content that you can sell, use for lead generation, and/or use as marketing collateral to grow your brand…

Please start by watching a special welcome video and demo about Tools For Motivation and our membership program”…


Do You Sell Expert Advice Or Coaching Online? 

If so, then the site you have landed on has the potential to change EVERYTHING for you… for the BETTER!

In the digital business world, you already know that your content plays a HUGE role in the success of your business. Your content is an extension of YOU and helps you perform the 3 main activities for online business success…

  1. Branding/Exposure: The content you publish on blogs, article sites, online magazines, social media, video and audio sharing sites allows the world to see what you do and how well you do it.
  2. Lead Generation: Your content is also an instrument for building a mailing list and attracting prospective buyers to enter into your sales funnel(s).
  3. Revenue Generation: Of course your content also becomes a key part of your sales as you publish your work in the form of digital products, ebooks, video courses, online workshops and mastermind groups.

More Content,

And Better Content,

In all 3 of the above categories…

Gives you a huge advantage and a much higher chance of success in your online business.

Who Is An Ideal Member?

Our Self Help PLR Monthly PLR Program is for any business that sells training, mentoring, consulting, advice, or coaching online.

If you fall into any of these categories, you already know that you play a huge role in the personal and/or professional success of your clients and customers.

Your audience comes to you for guidance and relies on YOUR expertise to help them get to the next level (whatever that level may be based on the type of work you specialize in).

Tools For Motivation PLR Products are designed with your customers in mind. Our custom built programs cover the hottest topics and trends in the self improvement world. Your job is to simply customize and “rebrand” our products into programs and packages that resonate with your audience.

Since most self help topics are both evergreen and universal, your portfolio of products will continue to grow month in and month out as you remain a member in our program!

Why Should You Join Our Membership Program?

Save your time and energy and Let Us Create Your Products And Marketing Content For You!.

Instead of spending hours, days or even weeks fiddling around with content creation…

Let our team take care of those details so you can focus on the BIGGER PICTURE – growing and expanding your business.

When you sign up as a member of Tools For Motivation, you will get instant access to a growing catalog of done-for-you SELF HELP PRODUCTS and content packages that you can use to:

  • Create high impact marketing content like blog posts, white papers, articles and more
  • Create high impact client attraction magnets
  • Build your own personal development style info-products or courses

…without wasting ANY time.

While your competition is busy focusing on the minutiae and minor details of content creation, you can position yourself as the leader and dominate the minds and hearts of your audience with an ever growing stream of powerful products, reports and inspiring messages.

Everyone will want to know your “secret”.

Let our team at Tools For Motivation be that secret weapon for you. Each and every month we deliver fully customizable/editable content and products that you can begin selling as your own… immediately!

Why Should You Trust Us?

You shouldn’t… yet!

Not until you have done your due diligence. I could write a mini ebook listing all of the reasons why our PLR program would be an awesome fit for you and your business.

But the truth of the matter is this…

I don’t KNOW your particular situation and what goals and objectives you have for your business. I DO KNOW that if you fall into any of the categories I listed earlier (i.e. you sell training, mentoring, consulting, advice, counselling or coaching)…

and you know you need a steady stream of content to keep your audience active, engaged, educated and entertained…

then you will gain a HUGE ADVANTAGE by joining our program and letting our team of content creation specialists create tons of fresh new self help content, all DONE FOR YOU, each and every month.

In terms of earning your trust, I have a few suggestions that might help you along…

  • Click Here for the Tools For Motivation Portfolio
  • Before Making a Buying Decision, open a help desk ticket and let us answer any questions you may have
  • Before Making a Buying Decision, call us at 888-970-3521 if you have any burning questions

Using the above options, hopefully we can EARN YOUR TRUST rather than writing a bunch of persuasive sales copy that may or may not give you the confidence you need to make a buying decision.

PLR Implementation Examples…

If you watched the sales video at the top of this page, I uncovered some specific examples of how PLR can help you with:

  1. Branding/Exposure
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Revenue Generation

Below – you will find a number of powerful examples of how our personal development/self help PLR products can help you in each of the 3 departments listed above.

Branding/Exposure Examples:

Lead Generation Examples:

Revenue Generation Examples:

What You Get When You Become A Member
An Overview Of The Main Membership Benefits...


13 Latest PLR Downloads

When you join the TFM Membership, we want to make sure you have lots of content to work with right away. As a new member, you will gain access to our private “members area” where you will see our 13 latest PLR Downloads…

These 13 downloads alone represent $924.80 in store value if you were to purchase all of them at our regular price. All instantly available when you join the membership today!

8 Brand New Self Help Products Each Month…

We publish new content to the members area every Wednesday and Friday. When you join today, you will get full access to the members area for the next month (or year if you purchase an annual pass)…

  • You get 2 “FULL PLR products each month
  • You get 2 “Content Bundles” each month
  • You get 4 “PLR Tips Reports” each month
  • Click Here To See An Example Of A FULL PLR Product
  • Click Here To See An Example Of A Content Bundle
  • Click Here To See An Example Of A Tips Report
  • PLUS… when you join today you get INSTANT ACCESS to our previous 12 releases (see our catalog for our latest self help PLR releases)

For example… here’s a calendar view of what you would be receiving during a 2 month span (as a new member)…

Instant Savings On Previous Releases

  • As a member you get an instant 70% discount on all previous products released before you became a member.
  • When you login to your account, the 70% discount will automatically be applied to the entire store!
  • For example, a $97 store item will show up to you as a member for just $29.10
  • A $47 store item will show up for $14.10
  • Note: The 70% discount does not apply to sale items or special discounted offers.

Here is a screen shot of what you will see when you visit our PLR Store when you are logged in as a Tools For Motivation member…


Big Member Bonus: Choose Any 3 Products…

In addition to receiving an instant 70% discount on ALL previous PLR products (released before you joined), you will get access to  3 Bonus PLR bundles of your choice.

  • What Is The Bonus Exactly? It is very simple… you just visit our SHOP and browse through over 700 previously PLR releases. Find ANY 3 items (any price) that you like and save the list.
  • How To Receive The Bonus: Once you join the membership, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to claim your 3 bonus products. Once we receive you 3 selections, someone from our team will add them directly to your account and you can download them immediately!

One Enhanced Media Kit (Video/Audio) Monthly…

Each month we take one of our recently released “full products” and create a suite of videos, audio and slide deck content that expands the content from the main package. Look at this product to see an example of a package that includes “enhanced media“.


Live Strategy Sessions (Bi-Weekly)…

Every other Thursday we host a private members-only Zoom meeting where you can ask questions, get advice, network with your fellow TFM members who come from a wide range of backgrounds in the Personal Development industry. 

Plus The Archives…

We started hosting these Strategy Sessions in the fall of 2020. When you activate your membership with us, not only can you join the upcoming live events, you can also download our growing archive of session replays. There is a HUGE amount of training and powerful information available just in this one section alone!

Check out a sample replay of a recent Strategy Session…


You Also Get…

PLR Specific + General Online Business Training

Video Training • Guides & Workbooks • Tools & Templates • Click Here To See Our Growing Training Catalog

Direct Access to Quality Support

We are happy to take content requests • You Can Call Or Text From Our Contact Page  • We respond timely to to all help desk tickets


Summary Of What You Get As A Member
A Review Of The Key Features Of The TFM Membership...


1. All Active Downloads:

Instant access to the past 12 PLR products released (past 30+ days of content). 

2. Our Next 8 PLR Releases:

Unlimited access for 1 month – this will include 8 new PLR releases (we release 8 per month). If you keep your membership active you will continue receive each new PLR package we release (multiple times per week)

3. 3 Bonus Self Help PLR packages:

These are delivered manually. You will receive instructions within the WELCOME EMAIL that gets sent out automatically after you join. The key thing to remember here is you get to choose ANY 3 items from our store as your bonus so there is a LOT of flexibility here to meet your content needs.

4. Discounts On Previous Releases:

Automatic 70% discount on all previous PLR product releases (i.e. PLR that was released before you became a member). Rather than the public price tag, you will automatically see the price of each product reduced by 70% when you visit the store while logged in as a member.

5. Enhanced Media Kits (Video/Audio Add-Ons):

Each month we take one of our recently released “full products” and create a suite of videos, audio and slide deck content that expands the content from the main package. Look at this product to see an example of a package that includes “enhanced media“.

6. Live Member Meetings Bi-Weekly:

Every other Thursday we host a private members-only Zoom meeting where you can ask questions, get advice, network with your fellow TFM members who come from a wide range of backgrounds in the Personal Development industry. 

7. Premium Training Downloads:

Free access to all downloads in the Training and Education category (regardless of store price, these are always free for members).


Important Note: When you consider the 13 immediate downloads you get when you join today… and combine that with the 8 new releases you will receive in your first month… AND you add your 3 bonus downloads (all 3 of which you get to choose from our back catalog of 700+ products)…

… this means that in your first month in our membership you will receive a total of 24 high quality PLR downloads! That represents over $3000 in store value if you were to purchase those items individually! All for only $97…


How Do The Monthly Payments Work?

We use Paypal and Stripe to process all monthly fees. You pay $97 for your first month in the program. If you choose to stay on as a member you will then pay $97 per month for all subsequent months you choose to remain a member. GRANDFATHERED RATES… If/when our membership fees increase, you will NOT be required to pay the higher fees. This is a benefit of keeping your membership active. You essentially lock in at your $97/month price until you cancel.

What Is Your Current Product Release Schedule?

We release a new Tips Report every Wednesday. We release new FULL Products every second Friday. We release our Content Bundles every second Friday (opposite of the full products)

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel at ANY time. You have full control over your membership from your account page once you login. If you need any help cancelling your account,  you can contact our help desk and we can show you exactly how to do it!

If I Cancel Do I Still Obtain Rights to Use the PLR I Downloaded?


Any PLR that was available for download while you were an active member is yours to keep and use as you see fit (as long as you use it within the guidelines permitted in your PLR license).

Do You Recycle Old Content or Are All Releases New?

In some cases we may release a new product as a “Revised Edition” of an older product.  These re-releases include brand new updated content.

BUT… all of our new releases are indeed NEW content that we have built from scratch.

We have assembled an excellent team of writers, researchers, editors, voice over specialists and designers who work together to build our PLR products every month. Watch the following video to see an “insider’s look” at HOW we do this, the systems we use, etc…

Check out video here 

What if I Need Help Using or Understanding My PLR Packages?

All you have to do is ask! Our superstar customer care team is standing by to help.

If your question is more complex we will work with you to either create a training video or provide an answer that helps you get the result you are after.

Many of our current training videos have been inspired by questions from our members.

Do You Provide Assistance with Actually Setting up PLR Products?

Our primary focus is building and creating high quality self help PLR packages.

Most of our members already have systems or processes in place to help them use the PLR from our program.

HOWEVER… if you ARE looking for assistance in setting up the PLR packages within your business, we have trusted providers we can recommend who you can hire to help you with the low level setup.

Testimonials: What Our Customers Are Saying...


Alex McCormick


Between content creation, social media, marketing and promotion, graphic design and beyond, I found myself constantly overwhelmed as owner of multiple blogs and websites. In fact, I was on the brink of selling some of my websites because I couldn’t keep up with the workload. When I originally discovered PLR, I was disappointed to find many low-quality products that left me doing more work than if I’d just written everything myself – until I stumbled upon Tools For Motivation. Since using Justin and Ted’s PLR packs, I’ve saved so much time while creating the most useful, high-quality content that my audience can’t get enough of! It’s like hiring an entire team of professional writers and designers for a tiny fraction of the cost. With their help, I’ve not just saved – but grown – my portfolio of websites and couldn’t be more pleased with the increase in income. I highly recommend TFM for content marketers who are serious about streamlining their workflow, fulfilling their clients’ needs, and making more money.

David Bay


There are many sources of PLR materials in the marketplace but few that offer quality and even less that offer the service, quality and support you get at Tools For Motivation. They have unsurpassed integrity and provide the best training and value you will find. Not only is their material first class, they are real people that reply to requests, and quickly. I enjoy their marketing materials and find their suggestions motivating and the inspiration behind some of some great projects I am working on.

Donna Bainton


“Please know that I, my students, patients & clients have all benefitted immensely from your content. I’m grateful beyond words.Thank you for all the support, advice, training and superb PLR you’ve generously provided over the years … I’ve been with you since 2012! With great respect and admiration,”

Charles Thomas


I use a lot the material in the tools for motivation section for workshops and talks.  Thank you very much for providing your products and your services. I am especially grateful for your videos showing how you run your business

Michael Steele


Your customer service is outstanding, as is your content. You can quote me on that. Thank you for all of your help.

Bec Robbie


I wanted to say thank you for your Tools for Motivation, they are absolutely amazing. Your emails are the only ones I actually wait for in my inbox to see what exciting products are hiding in there.I’d also love to say thank you for your amazing video tutorials. They are insanely helpful for getting ideas on customizing your products into something unique.

Kevin McNulty


I’m starting to hate you Justin…you’re products are like irresistible candy.

Kim B


You NEVER cease to amaze me with the quality and quantity that you offer EVERY month.  Sometimes I could almost weep (for joy) at all you do.

Can’t wait to get my own set of raving fans to share you with.

Just another over the moon, loyal fan who can’t thank you enough for how you take care of your customers

Cheryl Campbell


Writing my own content has always been a very time consuming process for me. I loved the idea of using PLR as a starting point but found that it took me even longer to ‘fix’ the poor quality of the packages I bought. That is until I found Tools for Motivation.The material that Justin and Ted offer is unsurpassed in quality.

Recently when my need for materials increased I decided to join their monthly membership. I was blown away with the value! Like the energizer bunny, they never stop delivering. Additionally, the training they provide is worth the price tag alone! I’ve been in this business for 10 years and still picked up some really fantastic strategies like their zero dollar opt-in.

Bottom line… if you are an entrepreneur whose clients can benefit from personal development, I encourage you to check out the extensive library of topics at this very minute. Why? Because taking a moment out of your schedule now will result in you savings hours of precious time. And that, is truly priceless.