PLR As A Business Tool (Not The Other Way Around)

The following training document has been inspired by a common type of question we get from our PLR customers and prospects on a fairly regular basis.

The question goes something like this…

“What type of website (topic, theme, etc…) should I create to be able to use the PLR products I have purchased from you?


If this is a question you are also asking, please pay special attention to this training guide because you are very likely going to need to make some changes to your current approach…






9 thoughts on “PLR As A Business Tool (Not The Other Way Around)”

  1. I have not published a website yet. I am trying Facebook pages to market Clickbank products. Have very little funds. Appreciate your info. Thanks

  2. Hi Justin & Ted,

    I love your “Clear Thinking” Justin.
    That alone is a really important skill to learn and develop.

    This report could easily have extended to many pages but
    your “Tight Focus” is a lesson in itself.

    Happy new Year to You,Ted and all the family 🙂

    Ian McLaren

    1. Thanks Ian. Happy New Year to you too!

      Appreciate the feedback. Honestly it was exactly what I was hoping to hear. Wanted to keep things very focused 🙂

      Thanks again!

  3. Hi Justin,

    Congratulations on another excellent report.

    I appreciate the way you condensed solid information into only a few pages.
    I tend to try to explain everything in to much detail myself, and need to learn to allow space for the readers brain to make sense of it.

    This should be mandatory reading for anyone who want’s to start an online information business. And then they should be obliged to only think and deepen their thoughts on the information for a straight full week, before attempting any adventure online…(LOL!)

    Thought before action, makes action so much more clear, simple, productive, and efficient.

    Wish you an amazing 2016.

    1. Hey Paul

      Thanks very much! Glad you liked the straight forward approach 🙂

      Great advice about clear thinking. I am always working to improve this area of my life. It always works very well when I set time aside to think and plan… so when I do revert to my action oriented nature, I have some guidelines to follow!


  4. Thanks for reposting – or at least sending out the email about this post. I agree with the others that it was very well written. Since I am new to your website I am happy to find out that you have some articles that I can refer to. Oh, just to let you know I do have a website and I can’t wait to integrate your PLR into my offerings.

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