PLR Training Series Day 1 Repurposing

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Free Training Series Day 1 - Repurposing PLR Content Into Something Unique To You And Your Brand


The most essential skill for being able to effectively use any form of done-for-you (PLR) content is “repurposing“. This is your ability to take a piece of content from its original form and make some kind of customization/modification to make it unique.

Purpose: The main objective when it comes to repurposing content is to alter it so that it accurately reflects the kind of message you want to share with your audience.

For example: if you are a fitness trainer and you want to share some advice with your clients/followers about self discipline, you could start with a piece of PLR content about discipline and then add your own stories and examples of how it applies to health, training, fitness, etc… You might even want to share your own story about how you developed discipline or some stories about your clients who have used self discipline to achieve certain health/fitness related results.

Training Overview:

The following links will take you to specific training sessions where you will be able to learn about repurposing AND try the lessons out for yourself. In each of the examples below we share a lesson and in some cases we even provide you with sample PLR content for you to download and test the concept for yourself. The aim is to get you to to take action and test the ideas out!

Part 1 – Personalizing PLR To Make It Unique To You/Your Brand

  • Lesson: How to customize generic PLR content using personal stories or stories you have witnessed or read about
  • Action: Download the sample PLR article and add your personalization features to it (then publish it)
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Personalization Lesson

Part 2 – Generic PLR Article/Audio Into A Unique Creation

  • Lesson: Start with a generic PLR article about Success Process, brainstorm how to modify it to make it your own
  • Action: Download the sample PLR article/audio, extend the lesson to match your voice and messaging (then publish it)
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Unique Creation Lesson

Part 3 – Creating Video And Audio Lessons For Your Audience

Part 4 – Case Study Example From A TFM Customer

  • Lesson: Learn how our customer took a free PLR article and created a unique brand-building blog post
  • Action: (optional) Model the example illustrated and build your own blog post by repurposing PLR content
  • Training: Click Here To View The Case Study Example

Training Summary:

The above training examples are just a small handful of methods you might want to test when it comes to repurposing PLR content. There are MANY other ideas that you could test when it comes to implementing PLR into your business. You might want to browse our Training Blog and Youtube Channel (please subscribe if you haven’t yet!) for additional tips, tricks and advice.

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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