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Free Training Series Day 2 - Creating Assets That You Can Sell Online (Monetizing PLR)


When it comes to building and growing your online business, it is always a good idea to create as many “sellable assets” as possible. These can take the form of digital downloads, courses, software, coaching, live training or anything that a customer is willing to purchase through your website. 

Purpose: The main objective when it comes to creating sellable assets is to give yourself (and your business) the opportunity to generate revenue. Ideally, the sellable assets take the form of digital downloads so that you can generate sales without having to spend any of your personal time. 

For example: if you currently generate a bulk of your revenue selling your time in the form of services, you can creatively package some of those skills into digital products/courses that can generate revenue without requiring your personal time. Using PLR content can help you create downloadable products that you can begin selling online as soon as you have the infrastructure in place. All you need is a simple shopping cart and payment processor and you can be up and running!

Training Overview:

The following links will take you to specific training sessions where you will be able to learn about creating sellable assets AND try the lessons out for yourself. In each of the examples below we share a lesson and in some cases we even provide you with sample PLR content for you to download and test the concept for yourself. The aim is to get you to to take action and test the ideas out!

Part 1 – Publishing An eBook For Sale On Your Website

  • Lesson: The basics of setting up an eCommerce store and selling an ebook built from PLR content
  • Action: Download the sample PLR and follow the steps to create an eBook for sale on your own eCommerce platform
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The eBook Publishing Lesson

Part 2 – Use PLR To Create A Course You Can Sell Online

  • Lesson: How to take several PLR packages and collect them into a series of modules for an online course
  • Action: Download the course outline template and follow along with our examples as a model for your course
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Course Creation Lesson

Part 3 – Creating Strategic Bonuses To Help You Sell More

  • Lesson: Use PLR content to create bonus products that you can use as incentives for buyers of your promos
  • Action: Watch our training video and download the notes from the session
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Strategic Bonus Lesson

Part 4 – Creating A Free Offer With An Upsell

  • Lesson: A special way to position your sellable assets to drive sales using a private discount
  • Action: Watch our example video with the upsell strategy and test it with one of your sellable assets
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Upsell Lesson

Training Summary:

The above training examples are just a small handful of methods you might want to test when it comes to using PLR content to create sellable assets for your business. There are MANY other ideas that you could test when it comes to implementing PLR into your business. You might want to browse our Training Blog and Youtube Channel (please subscribe if you haven’t yet!) for additional tips, tricks and advice.

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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