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Free Training Series Day 3 - Lead Generation: Growing A List Of Prospective Buyers Who Will Purchase Your Products/Services


One of the most important aspects of running an online business is to convert visitors to your pages into “leads” (people who are prepared to purchase your products and/or services). Lead Generation is a skill that you must continually evolve and expand to meet the demands of the market. 

Purpose: The main objective when it comes to lead generation is not only to build a list of prospective buyers, but to target the people who are most likely to do business with you. Building a list of 1000s of random subscribers who have no interest in what you have to offer… is pretty much a waste of time. 

For example: if you have a coaching program designed to help people increase their self esteem so that they can be better at sales, you can create “lead magnets” that speak directly to salespeople who are struggling to get the results they desire. You start by offering a free gift when they join your list and from there, you begin to engage with them in an effort to identify they best candidates for your coaching. This is the key to all lead generation.

Training Overview:

The following links will take you to specific training sessions where you will be able to learn about lead generation AND try the lessons out for yourself. In each of the examples below we share a lesson and in some cases we even provide you with sample PLR content for you to download and test the concept for yourself. The aim is to get you to to take action and test the ideas out!

Part 1 – Using PLR To Create A Free Offer And Upsell

Note: this lesson was also mentioned on Day 2 of our training series but it also applies here. If you did not go through it on Day 2, we highly recommend you do so within the context of today’s training about Lead Generation.

Part 2 – Use PLR To Create A 5 Day Mini Course

  • Lesson: How to build a free 5-day mini course as an in-depth lead generation tool to find the best prospects
  • Action: Read and watch the training then download the mini course template to test it for yourself
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The 5-Day Mini Course Lesson

Part 3 – Contextual Opt-In List Building Method

  • Lesson: This is an older training video but the concept still works and is well worth testing for building a targeted list
  • Action: Watch the training video and identify a piece of content you could test this with
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Contextual Opt-In Lesson

Part 4 – An Overview Of “Sales Funnels” And Lead Generation

  • Lesson: A full webinar replay that covers sales funnels, lead generation and beyond. 
  • Action: Watch the training video and identify a piece of content you could test this with
  • Training: Click Here To View The Webinar Replay

Training Summary:

The above training examples are just a small handful of methods you might want to test when it comes to using PLR content to do lead generation for your business. There are MANY other ideas that you could test when it comes to implementing PLR into your business. You might want to browse our Training Blog and Youtube Channel (please subscribe if you haven’t yet!) for additional tips, tricks and advice.

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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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