PLR Training Series Day 4 List Engagement

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Free Training Series Day 4 - List Engagement: Developing The Know - Like - Trust Factor With Customers And Prospects



Online business owners sometimes get overly focused on building their list as big as possible while forgetting the most critical component of having a list at all… ENGAGEMENT. Getting new leads is the starting point, but nurturing those leads to develop the know/like/trust factor is the key.

Purpose: The main objective when it comes to list engagement is to demonstrate to your prospective buyers that you are a reliable business to work with. This includes showcasing the quality of your product/service AS WELL as your ability to support those customers now and in the future. 

Training Overview:

The following links will take you to specific training sessions where you will be able to learn about list engagement and the various strategies you can apply when it comes to connecting with your subscribers to develop trust. In each of the examples below we share a lesson about the importance of engaging and nurturing both your subscribers and your customers. If you need PLR content to test any of the lessons from Day 4, please revisit Day 1 (where there are several examples that include free PLR downloads) and/or keep an eye out each week for our PLR freebies that you can use to test one (or all) of the methods showcased below…

Part 1 – Create A “Freebie Portal” Exclusively For Your Subscribers

  • Lesson: Once someone has joined your mailing list, send them regular “freebies” as a way to demonstrate value and build trust
  • Action: Watch the short video lesson and start making a list of potential freebies you can send out on a regular basis
  • Training: Click Here To Begin Freebie Portal Lesson

Part 2 – Use PLR To Create A Resource Library For Your Audience

  • Lesson: A look at the concept of a “resource library” as a tool to help your audience access the advice they need when they need it
  • Action: Watch the video lesson and begin brainstorming what kind of material you might want to include in your own library
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Resource Library Lesson

Part 3 – Share Surprise Bonuses With Leads/Customers

  • Lesson: Use PLR content to create bonuses that you can surprise your customers or leads with as a way to deliver extra value
  • Action: Watch our training video and think about bonus offers you can build using PLR to test this method
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Surprise Bonus Lesson

Training Summary:

The above training examples are just a small handful of methods you might want to test when it comes to using PLR content to effectively engage your list and develop long term relationships with prospects and customers. There are MANY other ideas that you could test when it comes to implementing PLR into your business. You might want to browse our Training Blog and Youtube Channel (please subscribe if you haven’t yet!) for additional tips, tricks and advice.

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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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