PLR Training Series Day 5 Content Marketing

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Free Training Series Day 5 - Content Marketing: Publishing Free Content In Various Forms And Platforms Across The Web To Build Brand Exposure


The biggest advantage of running an online business is the amazing ability to showcase your skills and talents to your prospective buyers using digital content. “Content Marketing” allows you to find and connect with your audience through any form of digital media you want to explore.

Purpose: The main objective with content marketing is very much like traditional advertising except it doesn’t require multi-million dollar budgets and featured ads on major TV/radio outlets. With content marketing, not only can you attract the perfect audience for your business, you can publish material on an ongoing basis to stay at the top of mind of the folks in your market.

For example: if you are a consultant who generates revenue doing high ticket client work, you probably don’t have time do a ton of meet-ups and networking to find new prospects. You are too busy actually delivering the client work. With a good mix of media (blog posts, videos, podcasts, free reports, free courses, pre-recorded webinars, etc…) strategically shared online in front of your potential market… you can get your message in front of hundreds, or even thousands of people. This is content marketing in action!

Training Overview:

The following links will take you to specific training sessions where you will be able to learn about content marketing using PLR AND try the lessons out for yourself. In each of the examples below we share a video lesson with actionable steps that you can follow to test each method. If you are a subscriber on our list, you will receive Free PLR each week making it easy and cost-effective to give these ideas a try…

Part 1 – Syndicating Content To Multiple Platforms

Part 2 – The “No Excuses” Method For Personal Branding Videos

Part 3 – Creating Custom Audiobooks/Audio Lessons For Branding

  • Lesson: How to use pre-recorded PLR audio to create custom audio tracks that help you grow your brand
  • Action: Watch our training video and test this method using any PLR audio you own
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Custom Audiobook Lesson

Part 4 – Create An Enhanced Blog Post Using PLR

  • Lesson: How to creatively blend multiple pieces of PLR content into a single high-value blog post – perfect for content marketing
  • Action: Watch our training video and build your own enhanced blog post using any PLR you currently own
  • Training: Click Here To Begin The Enhanced Blog Post Lesson

Training Summary:

The above training examples are just a small handful of methods you might want to test when it comes to using PLR content to do content marketing for your business. There are MANY other ideas that you could test when it comes to implementing PLR into your business. You might want to browse our Training Blog and Youtube Channel (please subscribe if you haven’t yet!) for additional tips, tricks and advice.

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