PLR Workbooks – Creative Ways To Implement In Your Business

In this video segment, Tools For Motivation co-founder, Justin Popovic, talks about some of the simple but powerful strategies you can apply when it comes to using PLR Workbooks in your business. Many Private Label products contain student handout materials like workbooks, journals, cheat sheets, quizzes and self-assessments. These make for great material that you can use as a coach, consultant or trainer when it comes to helping your clients implement your teachings into their lives.

4 thoughts on “PLR Workbooks – Creative Ways To Implement In Your Business”

  1. Very short and interesting. I couldn’t get the captions to turn on so i could see the named programs used like screenflow and camtasia? Couldn’t tell what he said. Otherwise- very informative. Thanks.

    1. Hey Sharon
      thanks for your comment! Yes you are correct we talked about ScreenFlow (on Mac) or Camtasia (on PC) to help with video production. This video was recorded quite some time ago so there are other options now as well. For simple screen share videos you might also want to try Loom!

  2. I love designing workbooks. They make a huge difference in long term retention and overall worth of training programs. Not to mention brand awareness.

    If you aren’t adept at rapidly writing, then designing quality content, PLR is fantastic option. The work here is quality.

    1. Thanks Rachael! Totally agree that workbooks really bring the content to life and allow the reader/student to truly implement the lessons being taught!

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