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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne here… founders of Tools For Motivation where we specialize in building high-quality done-for-you Self Help content (that you can publish as your own).

We have been in the Private Label Rights business since 2010… full time. Content creation is what we do. We have a team of expert writers, researchers, editors, speakers, and designers who work together to create extensive personal development packages that you can sell as your own!

If you are a coach, author, speaker, teacher/trainer or consultant… and you want to sell your programs online, Tools For Motivation content can be your secret weapon.

We make it quick and easy to create high-quality Personal Development content that you can sell, use for lead generation and/or use as marketing collateral to grow your brand…


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Why Kindness Is So Important...

Being kind to ourselves and others is a quiet, yet powerful, revolution.

By rekindling kindness, you’re inspiring people toward hope. You’re encouraging everyone, yourself included, to become the best they can be.

You’re embracing a mindset and a way of life that can change the world.

Kind people are empathetic. They’re in tune with the world around them and carry with them an awareness of the needs of others. If you don’t think kindness matters, stop to consider the impact it has on both ourselves and on the world around us.

Anybody who wants to get ahead needs to embrace kindness and that’s a huge market to tap into.

Walk Your Audience Through A Simple But Effective Strategy

When you download your license for Practicing Kindness (full details below)…

You will have instant access to a program you can sell as your own, teaching the simple strategies needed to rekindle kindness.

You’ll be guided through the steps…

  • Learn why kindness matters 
  • Learn how kindness helps others
  • Learn how kindness helps you
  • How to be kinder to others
  • How to be kinder to yourself

Take a deep breath and dive right in…

It’s time to shake off whatever preconceived notions have been holding you or your audience back and discover what everyone’s capable of!

See below for a full breakdown of this program…

Part 1: Practice Kindness: Rekindling Kindness eBook
~6290 Word Guide (fully editable in multiple formats PC and Mac)



Practice Kindness is a 25 page (~6290 word) ebook that teaches people how to be kinder to others, while still being kind to themselves.

Sections Include:

  • Kindness Matters
  • How Kindness Helps Others
  • How Kindness Helps Yourself
  • Being Kinder to Others
  • Being Kinder To Yourself

SUGGESTED IMPLEMENTATION (Turn eBook Into Video Series)…


Part 2: Practice Kindness 3D Covers And Source Graphics
Use The Artwork As Is Or Customize To Your Liking


If you want to get up and running quickly, simply use the pre-built 3D covers (seen below) as graphics for your “Practice Kindness” product.

We include 10 different pre-made covers and we also include the original source file in .PSD format if you would like to change/alter the graphics and build your own e-Covers.

NEED HELP customizing the e-Covers to make them unique? See this tutorial for more information…

Want To Edit These Or Build Your Own eCover From Scratch? 

Check out the following short tutorial for a quick process you can follow to do so…


Part 3: Enhanced eBook Design With Graphics And Formatted Layout
Spice Up The Look And Feel Of Your eBook


Included is a new “enhanced” version of the eBook. This version is more “ready to use” and should save you a ton of time. It has an upgraded layout, formatting and includes images . Provided in the following formats: docx/pdf

Includes a link to our personally curated  photo collection related to the topic on Unsplash. All photos in the enhanced ebook (and more!) can be found there, downloaded and used for free


Part 4: Practice Kindness Workbook
Help Your Readers Implement The Concepts At A Deeper Level


This bonus workbook includes a system of exercises designed to help anyone put the info from the above eBook into action. 3 different eCovers included (with a flat PSD). Provided in the following formats: docx/pdf


Part 5: BONUS - Enhanced Lead Gen Report and Articles
Repurposed Ready To Use DFY content


  • Lead Gen Report: Practicing Patience: Developing Patience
    • (Plain text and visually enhanced versions of the report)
  • Article 1: How To Teach Your Children Patience
  • Article 2: How We Cultivate Impatience
  • Article 3: Patience Pays Off
  • Article 4: Times When It’s Important To Be Patient With Yourself
    • (Plain text and visually enhanced versions of the articles)



Part 5: SURPRISE BONUS - Choose ANY 2 Self Help Tips Reports From Our Catalog


In addition to the Practicing Kindness content included in this special offer, we are also including a custom bonus where you get to CHOOSE 2 different Self Help Tips reports from our growing catalog of content here at Tools For Motivation.

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NOTE: Instructions for claiming your 2 bonus Tips Reports will be included in the thank you email that gets sent out immediately after purchase


Practicing Kindness Product Summary
Here Are All Of The Components Included In Your Download



  • Practice Kindness eBook: ~6290 word fully editable eBook which teaches people the importance of kindness, and helps people rekindle their kindness. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats. Sections Include…
    • Kindness Matters
    • How Kindness Helps Others
    • How Kindness Helps Yourself
    • Being Kinder to Others
    • Being Kinder To Yourself
  • 3D Covers and Source Graphics for Practice Kindness eBook: 10 different pre-made covers including the original source file in .PSD format
  • Practice Kindness Enhanced eBook: The content from the main ebook repurposed into an enhanced (more visually appealing) layout complete with inspirational graphics to provide a more engaged reading experience. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
  • Practice Kindness Workbook: A series of powerful exercises that complement the main ebook and help your readers achieve networking success
  • Bonus Enhanced Lead Gen Report: The lead gen report from our Practice Patience program beautifully repurposed into visually appealing content. Word and PDF formats
  • Bonus Enhanced Articles: Four articles from Practice Patience repurposed into visually enhanced articles. Word and PDF formats
  • SURPRISE BONUS: Your choice of ANY 2 Self Help Tips reports from a list of over 180 titles from our PLR catalog


Special Offer Pricing: $17

“I just saw your email – man you are so generous. It’s funny I saw a post a while back from another one of your customers saying something like ‘These guys are so, so good that you almost want to keep them a secret all to yourself.’ I know what he means, but neither he or I would ever do that – You guys should be monster and I really hope you are growing in the way you deserve.

But Justin, if you ever want or need a testimonial, anything shared or whatever please just ask – I’d be happy, no honored to do it.  You guys are the real deal and have proved that to me, and I would imagine anyone you’ve connected with, over a long period of time.  It’s one thing doing a random act of kindness but actually being that person consistently . . . Well, there’s just not that many like you around in this world and you’ve been a great example to me as to how to treat customers and keep them coming back without resorting to cheap tricks. 

So often you start off down someone’s funnel and quickly get disappointed by some condition, play on words or whatever – I’ve never felt that with you guys and you always have a ‘WTF Awesome Offer’ at the end as a reward  – I’ve learned as much from doing business with you as I have from your content.” 

Bryn Chimes

I use a lot the material in the tools for motivation section for workshops and talks.  Thank you very much for providing your products and your services. I am especially grateful for your videos showing how you run your business

— Charles Thomas

Just wanted to inform you that I have purchased several items from you and have used them personally. Great producers of high quality products and now I will take the required time to implement them to start my own business. The free guide on what to do is going to be a tremendous help. Thanks and keep up the great work.

— Terry Wood

Wow! Love the bonus and am soooooooo happy to be a member of TFM! You and your team really “rock it out of the park!” for us! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

— Patti Boquist

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