Affiliate Marketing for Beginners [Personal Use]


Affiliate marketing is an exciting topic here at Tools For Motivation.

OK, maybe exciting is a bit of a stretch …but it is something we are intimately familiar with.

We have used Affiliate Marketing to:

  • Boost Our revenues
  • Create recurring passive income
  • Increase the variety of what we offer
  • Fill in any gaps that our products don’t cover
  • Forge new partnerships with trusted PLR providers

There are probably other benefits that I am forgetting right now as well. But, just look at the list above. If someone walked into your office and said “I can do all of that for you”, you’d probably at least listen right?

Anyone Can Become an Affiliate Marketer

I’m not saying everyone can be successful, and if anyone offers you a  “can’t miss affiliate marketing” offer, then proceed with caution. That said, absolutely everyone can get involved with affiliate marketing.

The barrier to entry is basically have internet. That’s it.

You can market just about anything you have ever dreamt about. I mean, Amazon has an affiliate marketing program. What can’t you get on Amazon?

So How Do I Get Started?

Glad you asked!  The best way to get started is to check out this Affiliate Marketing for Beginner’s Crash Course 

In this course you are going to learn: 

Modules Included: 

Course Book

A thorough 58 page deep dive into affiliate marketing [PDF]

Action Guide

Do you struggle to take action? You won’t if you follow this power packed 44 page action guide.  [PDF]

Cheat Sheet

The above content included in one single no frills “brief” list. Of course, with such a large amount of content, even the cheat sheer is +45 pages  [PDF]


We Share Our Own Case Studies From ToolsForMotivation

Part 1: Maximizing Affiliate Profits Video Training

In this 55:00 minute video training, we will step you through 3 successful affiliate marketing campaigns that we ran here at Tools for Motivation. Follow along as we show you the offers, our bonus strategies for each… as well as a glimpse of our email marketing campaigns that drove the majority of the traffic to the offers.

Part 2: Video Notes And Timestamps

A 1-page PDF highlighting the key sections and related timestamps of our video training. As you go through the video lessons (above), use this PDF to keep yourself and track and take notes about the key lessons you want to apply to your business.

Part 3: Email Examples

In the video training, we step you through 3 real examples of different campaigns we ran. To make things clear, we include samples of the actual email broadcasts we used to drive the majority of traffic to these offers.


Release Day:


Release Month:

February 2021


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