Audacity For Marketers [Personal Use]


Have you ever had a video that looked great but sounded terrible?

How about a podcast that would be even better with a professional sounding intro and exit soundtrack?

What about an audio track that you’d simply like to brand?

Audacity is the answer to these questions.

We aren’t talking about the willingness to take bold risks…

The Audacity we are talking about is the free open source software that has been around for over 20 years.

It is used by professionals around the world to record and edit their audio files.

Not only is Audacity free but it works on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

The problem is that it is packed with so many features, learning how to use them can be difficult.

Not any more!

Audacity For Marketers Is Your Solution To That Problem.

This video course will help you address all of your audio editing needs.

The course includes 20 videos that cover: 

1 Intro
2 Safe Download And Install
3 Customize Work Area
4 Dashboard Tour
5 Record First Audio
6 Saving Audio Files
7 Importing Audio Files
8 Selection Tool
9 Envelope Tool
10 Zoom Tools
11 Draw Tool
12 Adding Intro Music
13 Improving Audio With Treble And Bass
14 Creating Loop Effect
15 Fixing Clipping
16 Removing Silence Spots
17 Create Sounds Within Audacity
18 Noise Removal
19 Keyboard Shortcuts
20 Stereo To Mono

Few a sample video here:



Release Day:


Release Month:

September 2021


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