Create an eBook in Canva


Create An eBook with Canva is a complete guide for beginners, that will teach you how to create an e-book for free in Canva.

It will help you create a digital book and includes tips and steps about conceptualizing, writing, layout and distribution of your ebook.

With an e-book you will:

  • Increase your authority on the chosen topic;
  • Generate leads and business opportunities;
  • Create a bridge of direct contact with your customer (without relying exclusively on social media);
  • Better understand your audience / customers;
  • Part of a Content Marketing strategy for your company or services.

What you will learn in the course:

  • Raising and validating ideas for your e-book;
  • Define the structure;
  • Create the visual identity of your ebook (even if you don’t know anything about design);
  • Create the cover;
  • Create the content master page;
  • Create the table of content;
  • Create a breakpage;
  • Create the bio page;
  • Where to find free, high-resolution images;
  • How to insert images to the e-book;
  • Add external hyperlinks to the e-book;
  • Export the final project and save as a PDF;
  • How to create a landing page to distribute your e-book;
  • Build an email list of people interested in your content;
  • Learn to use Canva, a friendly tool for those who are not designers.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn what it is and how to create an ebook.
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create e-books.
  • Professionals who need to reinvent and position themselves strategically on the internet.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build an email list of their customers offering them something of value in return.
  • Anyone who wants to up their game on the internet


  • Basic computer skills and internet

Provided In:

  • MP4 (video)


Release Day:


Release Month:

December 2021


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