Email Income [Personal Use]


“Reach More People, Do More Business, and Make More Money Using the Proven Power of Email Marketing…”

Surefire Tips, Tricks, Insights And Strategies To Help Build A Big, Responsive Email List

Some people say email marketing is dead. And we are here to tell you that those people are wrong.

Dead wrong.

Email marketing may have fallen out of favor with some people as the newer, shinier technologies and platforms came on the scene, like social media. But email marketing still beats social media hands down when it comes to pure profitability…IF you know the right way to build and market to your list. (Most people don’t.)

How Do I Learn the Right Way? 

Introducing “Email Income”– a giant eBook with 12 modules that shows you what really works when it comes to creating and growing a profitable mailing list.

Quick heads up: these aren’t in-depth tutorials or step-by-step manuals. Instead, each guide presents to you a collection of 12 to 17 of the very best tips, ideas, insights, examples, templates, checklists and strategies you need to create your own profitable list. These are the gold nuggets and “ah ha!” moments that will help you create the kind of list you’ve always wanted.

Modules Included: 

  • Module 1: Campaign Strategy
  • Module 2: Getting Subscribers
  • Module 3: Ideation
  • Module 4: Open Rates
  • Module 5: Getting Attention
  • Module 6: Crafting Messages
  • Module 7: Getting Clicks
  • Module 8: Segmentation
  • Module 9: Follow-Ups
  • Module 10: Reader Loyalty
  • Module 11: Deliverability
  • Modules 12: Analytics


  • 105 page PDF


Release Day:


Release Month:

January 2021


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