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Coaches, Trainers and/or Speakers, are you running out of time but want to have a more profitable business? I hear you!

Working one-to-one is incredibly fulfilling, but you only have so many hours in a day.

And if you’re approaching fully booked but not hitting your revenue goals, then you’ll seriously be thinking about cloning yourself.

What if I said there was an easier, more cost-effective, less medically invasive option? Would you be interested?

That’s where group coaching comes into action!

Group coaching is a win-win for your business and your customers. You can achieve greater impact more quickly and at a lower cost than one-on-one coaching. Plus, it leverages the untapped wisdom and support of your group members.

Group coaching takes people from point A to point B, with a clearly defined outcome. Through group coaching programs, you can expand your reach and help more people.

When you stop trading time and money for coaching services, you can transform an existing business beyond your imagination.

When done well, group coaching is fun… It’s not like coaching at all. It’s more like discovering how people can be so exceptional at helping and supporting each other.

I’d like to take the pressure around group coaching away from you and share with you my new course that will help you build on the coaching skills you have… so you never fear running out of time again!

In fact, you can start the course right away! Check out the course outline:

Your Course Will Be Delivered in PDF Form (except where noted):

  • Course Book
  • Action Guide
  • Worksheets/Handouts (Editable .DOCs)
  • Cheatsheet

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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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April 2022

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