How to Use Warrior Plus – ADVANCED CONCEPTS [Personal Use]


An Extra Hour of Warrior Plus Advanced Concepts

One of the most common questions we address in our training sessions and at our help desk is the topic of using PLR content to create digital products for sale online.

We tried to address this by offering a Warrior+ Introductory Training Course

But the people wanted more! Who are we to disagree.

This package includes another hour of over-the-shoulder videos, but this time focuses on some more advanced concepts.

While it is not absolutely required, we highly, highly recommend that you watch the intro training course, before purchasing this one.

This video series includes the following modules: 

0001 – Allow Another Vendor To Sell Your Warrior Plus Product
0002 – Get Approval to Use Another Vendors Warrior Plus Product In Your Funnel or Offer
0003 – Adding Another Warrior Plus Vendor Product To Your Offer
0004 – Use Your Own Button To Sell Your Product
0005 – Tracking Your Offer Links
0006 – Set Up A Countdown Timter
0007 – Set Up A Buyer Leaderboard
0008 – Deleting Products and Offers From Warrior Plus
0009 – What Launch Contests Can I Participate In
0010 – What Launches are Coming Up to Promote On Warrior Plus
0011 – When Will I Be Paid for A Sale I Made
0012 – Automate A Commission Bump for Specific Affiliates
0013 – Make a Zapier Connection To Warrior Plus
0014 – Connect Zapier to A Course Platform
0015 – Set Up A Zoom Webinar After Sale
0016 – Export My Individual Product Buyer Information
0017 – Export My Entire Warrior Plus Database of Customer Information
0018 Credit for Download Page Product Sales
0019 – One Source for Warrior Plus Affiliate Sales
0020 – Set Up A Home Page for Affiliates to Promote

Provided in MP4 (video) | MP3 (audio) | DOC (transcript)


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August 2021


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