Kindle Made Simple [Personal Use]


“You’re About to Finish the Exact Process of Publishing Your Own Book In Less Than One Hour”

In this Course, You’ll Discover the Amazon Kindle Publication Process

We live in an age where anyone – and we mean anyone – can publish their own book. You don’t have to deal with publishers. You don’t even have to invest a bunch of money to get them printed yourself.

You can simply turn to the massive power of Kindle.

  • In October, research outfit NPD Group reported that, “e-books account for 18% of sales, or more than one in six books sold.
  • In January 2020 the UK’s Bookseller estimated global ebook sales to be 19% of total book sales by revenue, and a whopping 36% by unit sales
  • A July 2020 report from The Association of American Publishers (AAP) put US ebook sales revenue at US $1.94 billion in 2019.
  • The Kindle Global Select Fund (royalties that are paid out to authors) grew by another 13% last year to more than $300 million by now.

There is no doubt that there is money to be made by publishing your own book, but it isn’t just about dollars and cents. Publishing a book (yes, even with Kindle) includes a host of benefits:

  • Boosts Credibility
  • Builds Your Brand
  • Helps Spread Your Ideas
  • Leaves a Legacy

If you want to learn more, we have the perfect solution for you:

This video series includes the following modules: 

0001 – Introduction to Amazon Kindle
0002 – Content Guidelines
0003 – Using Links In Your Kindle Book
0004 – Creating A KDP Account
0005 – Introduction to Kindle Vella
0006 – Kindle Vella – Uploading An Episode
0007 – Uploading More Episodes to Vella
0008 – Determining the Book Format and Kindle Format Tool
0009 – Download and Install the Kindle Create Software
0010 – Import the Written Document Into Kindle Create
0011 – Creating Titles for Each Chapter
0012 – Creating Your Front Matter
0013 – Changing the Chapter Page Style
0014 – Working With The Kindle Create Theme Tool
0015 – Inserting Images To Your Book
0016 – Inserting Edited Text and Hyperlinks to Your Book
0017 – Add Back Matter Pages
0018 – Preview for Print and for Kindle
0019 – Creating a Series for Your Kindle Book
0020 – Creating a Title for Upload on KDP
0021 – Creating a Cover for Your KDP Book
0022 – Spell Check and Pricing for Your KDP Book
0023 – Converting to A Paperback Book

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November (2021)


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