Lead Generation Accelerator for Small Businesses


Introducing “Lead Generation Accelerator for Small Biz” – our ultimate guide to boosting your business growth and capturing a steady stream of high-quality leads!



As a business owner, you know that quality leads are the lifeblood of your business – if they start to dry up, it will significantly affect your income.

Have you noticed a drop in conversions, referrals, or sales?

Are you worried about the future of your business?

Are you looking for a strategy to consistently acquire new prospects and customers?

Even the smallest drop in leads can impact your business. A customized lead generation strategy will help you steadily generate interest and increase conversions.

A powerful, personalized lead generation strategy has numerous benefits:

  • Expand your market
  • Boost your revenue
  • Build visibility
  • Improve QUALITY leads
  • Scale your business

The bottom line is: no matter how exceptional your product or service is, without a steady stream of new leads, customers, or clients, your business will always struggle to reach its full potential.

“But…I don’t have the time or budget to invest in lead generation!”

Can I be honest with you? You can’t afford to neglect lead generation.

Without an active lead generation campaign, your business will lose momentum, stall, and possibly even crash and burn. A steady supply of new leads is what keeps a business moving forward.

A personalized, practical lead generation action plan will put you in a prime position to consistently attract new leads and lock down lucrative sales.

There’s no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation. Off-the-shelf solutions or copying the competition won’t guarantee results.

The secret to your lead generation success? Identify strategies that resonate with your audience and fit with your business goals.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • “Once I secured a full calendar of clients, I put lead generation on the backburner. Now some of my ‘regulars’ are dropping off and I’m starting to panic!”
  • “I’m intimidated by all the slick lead generation strategies out there and I have no idea where to start!”
  • “My sales have started to drop. I’m worried about the future of my business!”

If you can relate to any of these statements, you need a personalized, practical lead generation action plan to attract high-value prospects and ignite your revenue!

Our 7-module ebook will help you identify the most promising leads, while also using metrics to measure your success.

It will not only show you how to get started, but also show you how to…

  • Explore the inner workings of the lead generation process and how it fits into your customer’s journey.
  • Clarify your business model and set lead generation targets that align with your business goals.
  • Paint a clear picture of your ideal customer to ensure your lead generation messaging hits the mark.
  • Identify what makes you and your brand unique so you can craft a compelling value proposition for potential leads.
  • Examine your experience with proven lead generation strategies so you can identify their effectiveness for your business.
  • Evaluate ways to qualify leads and track data so you can prioritize best-fit prospects and measure progress.
  • Select the lead generation strategy that will bring you the swiftest results and the most qualified leads.
  • Map out the details of your lead generation campaign to achieve the results you want.
  • Implement a practical action plan that will help you reach your lead generation campaign goals.
  • Consolidate and implement your new knowledge and plan future steps so you can achieve the goals you set for this course.

This course will ease the pressure of lead generation. You’ll realize that attracting new prospects and customers doesn’t have to be overwhelming or feel like a full-time job!

Modules Included:

  • Module 1 – Where Does Lead Generation Fit in Your Business?
  • Module 2 – Different Business Models Need Different Strategies
  • Module 3 – Stand Out in a Crowded Market
    • Lesson 1: Identify Your Ideal Customer
    • Lesson 2: How Do You Stand Out?
  • Module 4 – Match Your Strategy to Your Business Model
    • Lesson 1: Proven Strategies
    • Lesson 2: How to Qualify Leads and Measure Progress
    • Lesson 3: Choose Your Best Fit
  • Module 5 – How to Set Up Your Lead Generation Campaign
  • Module 6 – Create & Implement Your Practical Action Plan
  • Module 7 – Next Steps

Delivered VIA: PDF | XLSX (campaign planner)

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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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Release Month:

May 2023

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