Packaging & Pricing Your Services [Personal Use]


Learn Creative Ways to Package
& Price Your Services

Maximize Your Profits By Making It Easy to Buy! 

Selling your services isn’t always the easiest pitch. When you sell a tangible object, it’s easy to tell people “this is what you get, and this is what it does”. 

Selling services isn’t quite that easy. There seems to be a higher bar to clear. 

One interesting, powerful AND fun way to address this issue, is by creating captivating packages based around your services.

Instead of selling your counselling services, you are now selling a limited time couple’s package.

That example might not make sense in your scenario, but that is the beauty of this training product.

Packaging and Pricing Your Services walks you through your own situation, and helps you create tailor made packages that reflect your services.

Just check out everything you learn:

Course Roadmap

Modules Included: 

Course Book

A thorough 106 page deep dive into the topic mentioned above. [PDF]

Action Guide

Do you struggle to take action? You won’t if you follow this power packed 63 page action guide.  [PDF]

Cheat Sheet

The above content included in one single no frills “brief” list. Of course, with such a large amount of content, even the cheat sheer is +45 pages  [PDF]


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January 2021


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