Partners & Profits: How To Run An Affiliate Program


Custom training brought to you by Justin Popovic, co-founder of Tools For Motivation. Learn everything you need to know about running a successful and profitable affiliate program for your online business.

Get High Quality Traffic To Your Offers With Qualified Prospects Who Actually Want To Buy Your Products

How To Build A Successful Affiliate Program That Your Partners Will Want To Promote


Leverage The Power Of Referrals

One of the biggest challenges for any online business owner is driving good quality traffic to their offers. In an ideal world, every person who clicked through to our website would be an ideal prospect, credit card in hand ready to place an order.

The hard reality is…

Finding good quality traffic can be difficult
And expensive!

When you are new business owner and you don’t have a giant marketing budget, how the heck can you possibly get enough traffic to your offers to make your business profitable?

Facebook and Google ads are getting more expensive by the day.
Social Media marketing can be a crap shoot and very often yields no results at all.
SEO (search engine optimization) takes time… usually more time than you can afford when you need to make sales!

This is why one of the best, and most powerful ways to get targeted, qualified traffic to your offers… is with an affiliate program.

Pay After The Sale (Not Before)

When you run your own affiliate program, you instantly create one of the most powerful selling tools for an online business. Your affiliate program will allow you to track the traffic from ALL of your referral partners, and credit every single sale back to the original referrer. 

Then, you pay a commission to your partner after the sale once there is real money in your bank account!

This is the PERFECT way for new and developing businesses to gain customers, generate revenue and grow their business network.

Sounds Great, But How The Heck Do I Do This?

The concept of an affiliate program is easy to wrap your head around…

  • An affiliate sends you a lead
  • You make a sale to that lead
  • The program generates a commission for your partner
  • You pay the commission once the funds have cleared

The challenge, however, is that there is a LOT of preparation, planning and know-how that goes into running a profitable affiliate program.

There are MANY tips, tricks, strategies and methods that you must learn to make your affiliate program appealing to partners.

That is why we created the following training program…

Practical Advice From Tools For Motivation…

This video training program has been built using all of our real-world experiences here at Tools For Motivation. Our team has been selling digital products online since 2010 and we have been working with affiliates since the very beginning.

A huge chunk of our yearly revenue: is generated by working with strategic partners who promote our business through our affiliate program…

(Tools For Motivation Affiliate Program Stats 2015-2022)

What You Will Learn…

We have condensed years of lessons learned into a single training program: that you can access today to get all of our most powerful tips, tricks and advice so that your affiliate program gets off to an amazing start!

Skip the trial and error and jump right to WHAT WORKS!

In this video training program, you will learn everything you need to know to get your affiliate program up and running quickly. Some of the key items covered in this training include…

  • The fundamentals of running your own affiliate program even if you have no clue how to get started
  • How affiliate programs work from a technology perspective
  • A review of some of the most popular affiliate platforms for experts who sell courses and info products
  • Specific demos and examples of the Tools For Motivation affiliate program
  • The importance of having a well defined policy for your affiliates and joint venture partners
  • The different types of commissions you can offer and how they appeal to different promoters
  • Tips and suggestions for paying affiliates, managing refunds
  • How to spot “fake affiliates” and prevent them from infiltrating your system
  • The keys to communication with your affiliates
  • How to incentivize your affiliates to promote you regularly
  • 8 different types of offers that you should consider making available to your affiliates
  • How to craft good JV pages (pages for communicating promotional info with your affiliates)
  • Templates to help you send email marketing messages to your affiliates
  • Templates to help you share succinct but useful promotional checklists to your affiliates

What’s Included In This Training…

This is a video training program that includes lessons and worksheets to help you get your affiliate program up and running quickly and efficiently. The course is broken into the follow 8 sections…

  1. Resources (templates and outlines to help you through the training)
  2. Introduction To Affiliate Program
  3. The Fundamentals Of A Successful Affiliate Program
  4. Setting Policies For Your Affiliate Program
  5. Establishing Channels Of Communication With Your Affiliates
  6. Establishing Offers That Your Affiliates Can Promote
  7. Implementing Your Affiliate Program
  8. Making Your Affiliate Program Attractive To Promotional Partners

Delivered to you in the following formats…

8 Video Lessons

8 videos (1 welcome video and 7 lessons) that walk you through the entire affiliate program creation process. Each video comes in .MP4 format

Full Slide Deck From The Video Presentations

Each of the video lessons was delivered following the outline from 1 master slide presentation. We have included all of the slides that were used in this training program into a single printable deck so you can follow along more closely. Slide Deck comes in .PDF format

7 Transcripts

We’ve taken the 7 lesson videos and provided a printed transcript from each module to allow you to follow along at a deeper level. Print these out to have on hand as you watch/listen to the video training. Each transcript comes in .PDF format

6 Worksheets

We’ve taken the 6 key lessons (intro lesson not included) and provided a worksheet for each lesson. This will allow you to gather your thoughts, make decisions about your affiliate program and ultimately, help you get it into action. You may want to print these out to have on hand as you watch/listen to the video training. Each worksheet comes in .DOCX format

Templates And Resources

Throughout this training program, we show a variety of examples of assets from the Tools For Motivation affiliate program. This includes things like “JV Pages”, sample email messages that get sent to our affiliates, swipe copy that helps our affiliate promote our website, etc… 

NOTE: The templates and resources come in .DOCX format as well as live links to our website for sample pages

Instant Access To This Training: $147


Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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