Product Creation Playbook [Personal Use]


In this Course, You’ll Learn The Technical But Easy Process of Creating An Online Course

Since you are on this website – you already know exactly where you can go to find loads of self-help material. If you are a regular customer, you assuredly have a number of our products sitting on your hard drive, ready to go.

Hard Truth

Some (or a lot …or all) of that content might just be sitting on your hard drive, waiting to be used. 

I am not speaking down to you at all, either!

I am currently staring at my own unused folder of PLR products.

Undisputed Truth

PLR is at it’s most powerful when you tweak, change and optimize it for your particular audience.

The problem is, it can be hard to visualize how to best use it. If you can’t visualize a final product, you are way less likely to get started.

Powerful Truth

One of the best ways to use your PLR content, is to mix and match our products, bundles and tips reports with your unique perspective, into a larger online course. 

This way you have something totally unique that you can use to build leads, add value to your current offers or sell access to as is!


This video course will help you take your existing knowledge and content, then turn it into an online course.

It Includes 20 Videos:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Minimum Viable Equipment For Creating A Product
  • Creating Slide Content
  • Preparing Your Slide Content for Recording
  • Recording Your Slide Content
  • Recording Software With Your Webcam
  • Doing a Screen Recording and Demonstration
  • Using OBS To Create Instructional Recordings
  • Using Streamyard to Create Recorded Content
  • Optional Viable Equipment
  • Recording Audio 0012 – Editing Your Content
  • Creating Visuals 0014 – Creating Handout Slides
  • Creating Text Documents
  • Bundling Content
  • Hosting Content
  • Delivering Your Content
  • Developing a Sales Process
  • Sales Page and Messaging

Sample Video



Release Day:


Release Month:

October 2021


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