Self-Discipline In Different Areas Of Your Life



Learn how to control yourself with ‘Self-Discipline In Different Areas Of Your Life ‘ an easy-to-share bundle of blog posts. Each article is designed to offer insightful tips and strategies, helping your audience make better decisions that will help propel them towards success.

This valuable package doesn’t stop there – it’s enhanced with a suite of ready-to-use Canva templates, video and audio!

And the greatest advantage? Private Label Rights are included! This allows you to brand all this content as your own, customize it to suit your unique style, and position yourself as an authority in productivity and time management.


Self-Help Shareables

Share this content on your website, blogs or social media to build and nurture your audience.

Each Of These Self-Help Packages Includes All Of This Easy To Share Content...

Blog Posts/Articles

Each bundles comes with ten 400 word blog posts that perfectly encapsulate the topic. These articles range from beginner to intermediate learning levels. They are perfectly suited to reach an eager audience.

  • Building Self-Discipline in Money Management
  • Cultivating Discipline in Daily Nutrition and Exercise
  • Discipline in Managing Screen Time and Online Distractions
  • How Self-Discipline Can Transform Your Home Environment
  • How Self-Discipline Leads to Efficient Time Utilization
  • Self-Discipline in Personal Relationships
  • Self-Discipline Strategies at Work
  • Self-Discipline’s Role in Navigating Emotional Well-Being
  • The Essential Role of Self-Discipline in Overcoming Obstacles
  • The Role of Self-Discipline in Effective Study Techniques

Blog Headers

A great way to introduce your blog post, and enhance it visually is to use a blog header.

You can use these blog headers at the top of your blog post, as a featured image or share it on your socials with a link back to your content.

We have used a canva template for these so that anyone can edit them without having to pay and learn new software. You can instantly change the colors, images, or even titles if you want to ensure your content is unique. It’s also very easy to add your logo or branding.

Blog Quotes

We have extracted the best quote from each articles, and created a “drop quote” image in Canva.

You can use these images to break up the text of your blog post, or use them on their own on your social accounts.

The Canva template is easy to use, and offers you unparalleled versatility in exporting and delivering your content.

A.I. Generated Audio

To maximize your delivery options, we have included audio versions of the above articles. These high-quality audio files harness the peak A.I. technology available to end users.

Each blog post/article has a matching audio MP3

Example Uses:

  • Post these to your blog
  • Offer the audio as a free bonus
  • Chop them up and use as soundbites
  • Use the audio to create videos
  • Create an audiobook
  • Mix and match to make “motivational mixtapes”
  • Use as seed content to create something unique. (i.e. take the audio article and then record your thoughts or experiences that relate to the article)

Power Tips

We have also included 30 power tips that you can use to start helping people right away.

These 30 tips are perfectly sized to share on socials or create images. Alternatively, you could collect tips from multiple self-help shareables and combine them to create a large repository of self-help tips.

3D eCovers

Who doesn’t love an eCover? We have included these 3D eCover images that you can use for promotion.

Editable Canva Links are included.

Included 3D eCovers: 

  • Soft Cover Book
  • CD Case
  • Monitor
  • Tablet
  • Phone

Done-For-You Social Media Content

We took the 30 tips from above, and created done-for-you content that you can use to share on your websites or social media.

Instagram Story

We took the extracted tips from the last section, and turned it into Instagram content.

We include two different image sizes:

  • 1080 x 1920 – This is the ideal size for Instagram Story’s. Stories are quickly becoming one of the most widely shared content on Instagram.
  • 1080 x 1350 – This is the ideal size for your typical Instagram post. Instagram images can also be square or landscape sized, but this portrait format gives you the most real estate on the feed.

A link to the Canva template is available so that you can edit (add your branding, change colors, etc.) and export (multiple formats) right in your web browser.

Facebook Posts

We took the 30 tips we extracted from the articles and repurposed them into 30 Facebook friendly sized images that you can use to promote your offer, business or brand.

These images fit best on the Facebook platform, but you can use them anywhere.

Your download file will include a link to Canva so you can easily edit (for example add your website info!) right in your browser.

LinkedIn Images

We also repurposed the tips into perfectly sized images for Linkedin.

Linkedin has over 224 million users in North America.

Your download file will include a link to Canva so you can easily edit and share right in your browser.

Pinterest Images

We also repurposed the tips into perfectly sized images for Pinterest.

Pinterest has over 445 million daily users. Women have always made up the majority of that user base but Gen-Z and men are currently the fastest growing audience.

Your download file will include a link to Canva so you can easily edit and share right in your browser.

30 Tips Video Template

All 30 tips have been added to a self-help PLR video. Once again, we are harnessing the power of Canva.

All you need to do is visit the link we share with you and download the content as an MP4 video.

However, it’s what you can do that is far more interesting.

With Canva you can edit the video, change the music and even record a Voiceover. All without ever leaving your web browser and all for free!

30 Tips Video Template - Mobile Friendly

The same tips as the above video, except this time we have drastically changed the style.

Note: We changed the dimensions to make this video mobile friendly.

Our License

Purchasing our products means you agree to our PLR License. This license is included in your download file as well.

  • You Can NOT sell Resell Rights
  • You Can NOT sell Master Resell Rights
  • You Can NOT sell Private Label Rights
  • You Can NOT share editable files
  • You Can NOT share any Canva templates
  • If you have a question about what you can or can’t do – contact us

These self-help shareables are meant to be …shared! Essentially you can do whatever you want besides the few terms we mention above.

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is (personal use only)
  • Can be bundled with other products
  • Can be offered as a bonus
  • Can be added to paid membership sites
  • Can claim full authorship
  • Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)
  • Can be used as website content
  • Can be used for blog posts
  • Can be used on your social media
Release Month:

January 2024

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