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Hi Everyone,

Do you think Search Engine Optimization matters anymore?

At ToolsForMotivation – we didn’t really think so! We totally ignored ours. Didn’t think about it, care about or do anything to work on it.

Turns out – we probably should have. We just assumed that with our constant output of content and large site size, we would rank high for terms related to our business. We …did not. 

Luckily, our ace in the hole – Nigel – decided to take on some of the basic SEO best practices and it wasn’t that long until we were getting on the first page for some of our most obvious keywords. It is still early days but we have already seen an uptick in traffic.

The First Thing Nigel Had to Do

The very first thing Nigel had to do – we fix the idiot mistakes that I had made years ago. You see, we once cared about SEO and actively worked on it.

In fact, I had a personal site that on a good day would rank first for The Man The Myth The Legend. The hours upon hours I spent back linking that site, led to absolutely zero dollars  – but it was fun to tell people at parties.

Anything I had done on the site for SEO was based on old principles that Google doesn’t care about – or in some cases – actively penalizes.

If you are interested in SEO for Your Small (or Big) Business then you need good up to date information.

That is why we went out and found:


SEO Small Business Masterclass 
was virtually just released. As soon as we saw it, we know we had to provide our members and customers access to it.

This guide will teach you how to:


  • Develop an SEO strategy for your website that incorporates SMART goals to increase your website’s reach in Google
  • Choose key metrics to track that will gauge the effectiveness of your SEO strategy so that you can improve and adapt as necessary
  • Define your Ideal Customer Profile to determine who you want to attract to your website and what keywords you should target
  • Learn how to use keywords effectively and determine keyword intent so that you can increase traffic and attract qualified leads
  • Generate seed keywords for your business and specific pages, which will form the base of your long-tail keywords, giving you more opportunities to optimize and attract more searchers to your website
  • Build the ideal long-tail keywords, ones that have high search volume without too much competition, driving your target audience to specific pages and your site overall

NOTE: This is not being delivered as a course or class. You can learn on your own time using the PDF guides included.

Your Course Will Be Delivered in PDF Form (Except Where Noted)

It will include:

  • A 68 Page Course Book
  • A 54 Page Action Guide
  • A 26 Page Cheatsheet
  • Easy-To-Fill Keyword Planner (.XLSX)

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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Release Month:

May 2022

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