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As a biz owner or professional, you want to make more sales.

You also use social media every day. How can you bring these two things together to build a powerful sales strategy? Social selling.

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Wait. I already do that. I have a social media marketing strategy.

Social selling and social media marketing are NOT the same thing.

Social media marketing, which you probably already do, involves the broad use of social media to build brand awareness, boost visibility, and attract leads.

Social selling is hyper-targeted.

The goal is to find ideal prospects for your products and then engage them on social media: answer their questions, provide useful content, cheer them on, build a relationship – encouraging and working towards a 1:1 conversation offline.

It’s this personal interaction and connection that will lead to sales when your prospect is ready to purchase.

Social selling works for all kinds of businesses that have high-ticket or high-reward offers. Think real estate, luxury goods, coaching services, and one-on-one consulting.

For example, a business coach may deliver online courses… but also offer high-end 1:1 programs. Essentially any product that requires more nurturing and conversations prior to a serious commitment.

Warning: social selling is NOT a way to fill your sales funnel in a pushy, hard-sell way. It’s about freely giving content, support, and knowledge – connecting with your audience to help them find solutions.

The biggest mistake small businesses make when it comes to social selling is misunderstanding what it is. They either go too broad and treat it like social media marketing OR they go too hard and scare prospects away.

We want you to avoid these mistakes. We want you to harness the power of social selling.

That’s why we have a new product for you.

Learn how to regularly move your online conversations with high-quality prospects offline…and ultimately convert them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

With social selling, it’s never been easier to find ‘your people’, nurture relationships, and convert these high-quality prospects into lifelong customers.

Social Selling Secrets will help you nurture 1:1 relationships through social media, move them offline, convert them to customers…and watch your business (and opportunities!) grow.

And the good news is, you can start right away!

This 6-module guide will take you step-by-step through the process of successfully using social selling to build relationships and ultimately attract more sales.

But there’s more…

Social Selling Secrets will also teach you how to:

  • Identify how social selling will benefit your business through having 1:1 conversations with targeted prospects which will ultimately lead to sales.
  • Set goals for your social selling strategy and choose the metrics to monitor your progress so that you can gauge your success over time.
  • Use social listening to understand your ideal customer’s concerns so that you can identify the people who would most benefit from having conversations with you around your area of expertise.
  • Identify the social platform(s) your ideal customers use most so that you know where to target engaged individuals who will be most interested in buying your products or services.
  • Verify that your brand identity is consistent across your business and personal brands so that it conveys your personality and expertise to prospects.
  • Establish a solid brand presence on social media that resonates with your ideal prospects so that they’ll want to learn more about you and your work.
  • Improve the type and format of content you’re currently sharing on social media so that it both helps your audience and engages them
  • Interact with comments from social media followers and move your prospects towards direct messaging so that you can begin to converse one-on-one
  • Nurture the connections you’ve made on social media by having individual conversations to deepen relationships with high-quality leads
  • Create your personal Social Selling Plan that will consistently lead to new conversations with your potential customers and ultimately to more sales
  • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps so you can achieve the goals you set for this course.

Start today and give yourself the skills that will help you build relationships that will convert ideal prospects into customers.

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February 2023

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