The New Face of Social Media


Don’t Get Left Behind! Learn How to Leverage the New Face of Social Media

TikTok and Clubhouse are Taking The World By Storm, Learn Techniques to Build Authority and Teach Audiences Using The New Face of Social Media

The internet is a rapidly changing medium, and if you desire an online presence you need to keep up with the times.

This isn’t always easy, especially if you lack a natural affinity for tech. If you aren’t one of those early adopters who crave the latest and greatest tech, you can often feel a little behind the times.

Social Media is the perfect example of this. As soon as you get used to one platform, they redesign how they do everything. When you think you have finally mastered one website, another one pops up and takes its place.

You might not be comfortable with change. All of this “innovation” might just annoy you. Why do you need to care about the “next big thing”? You are comfortable on Facebook darn it. That’s all you need!

Well …Other People Care

And there is a good chance these people are either your customers, or prospective leads. If you aren’t engaging them on the new face of social media, then your competitor will be.

TikTok and Clubhouse are the new face of social media and can be considered absolute phenomenons. That isn’t hyperbole. Both of these social media platforms have taken the world by storm.

TikTok might have been “for the kids” at one time, but it has morphed into a social media powerhouse. Brands and Celebrities have flocked to it once they realized it’s popularity.

Clubhouse is quite a bit newer than TikTok, but it’s initial popularity might be even more staggering.  It is only a matter of time before it is as popular as TikTok.

These Aren’t Your Parent’s Social Media Sites

Facebook is still the largest social media platform out there, but entire generations of people are now growing up and looking for something different than their Parent’s favorite social media site.

Largely, these people see to be flocking to both TikTok and Clubhouse.

TikTok is a short-video platform that is great for personal branding. Many entrepreneurs use it to put a face behind their product. The video format lends itself well to teaching and informing.

Clubhouse is an audio platform. By avoiding visual distraction, this app is a great way to collaborate with your audience in something like a mastermind group.

Both platforms could be vitally important moving forward. So how do you take advantage?

By checking out:

We have combined two powerful video trainings into one product that is designed to help you conquer the New Face of Social Media. 

Teach Audiences With Tiktok Includes:

21 Over the Shoulder Instructional Video Tutorials

  • TikTok Overview
  • TikTok Mobile And Desktop App
  • Setting Up Your TikTok Profile
  • Adding TikTok Contacts
  • TikTok Screen Controls
  • TikTok Search And Explore
  • Shooting Your Video With TikTok
  • Add Sound To Your Video
  • Effects Element For Videos
  • Add Text To Your Video
  • Add Text To Your Video
  • Add Stickers
  • Add A Voiceover
  • Posting Your Video
  • Adjusting Your Clip
  • Recording Duet Videos
  • Mobile Screen Capture Videos
  • Video Filters
  • Voice Effects
  • Uploading From Desktop

Creating Authority with Clubhouse Includes:

21 Over the Shoulder Instructional Video Tutorials

  • Overview of Clubhouse
  • Social Media Connections to Clubhouse
  • Invite to Clubhouse
  • Inviting You As a Contact
  • Finding an Invitation to Clubhouse
  • Integrating Your Social Media
  • Adding Someone to Clubhouse
  • Profile Research
  • Update Your Profile
  • Update Your Bio
  • Entering the Hallway
  • Using the Keyword Search
  • Events Menu and Tab
  • Activity Bell
  • Create and Event
  • Settings In Your Profile
  • Entering a Room
  • Starting a Room
  • Connecting with Others
  • Clubs

Formats Included:

  • 40 Over the Shoulder MP4 Videos
  • 40 MP3 Audios
  • TXT. Hand-Edited Transcripts

Choose the learning style that works best for you!


Release Day:


Release Month:

February 2021


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