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Help your stressed-out audience with “The Stress Relief Tool Kit,” a comprehensive PLR eCourse (written, audio and video) designed to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Buy this course now and you get instant access to to course guides, quizzes, blog posts, a 5-Day challenge, and social media graphics so you can offer this transformative content with ease.

Offered with full Private Label Rights (Refer to the license below for more details.)

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Sellable Assets

This is premium done-for-you content that you can sell or offer on your membership websites.

The Highlight of this Package Is A Done-For-You eCourse

  • Video With Full Audio – Offer your audience the gift of knowledge with our video course, complete with captivating visuals and full audio.
  • Trainer Slidedeck – Don’t want to use our audio to deliver your course? Use this slide deck to present however you want – even with your own voice.
  • Audio – We include all of the audio used in course creation.
  • Course Documents – Use this to help students follow along with the video course or as a stand-alone text based course.
  • Action Guides  – Use reflective prompts and hands-on exercises  to help students take what they have learned and put it into practice.
  • Module Quizzes  – Use these quizzes to help you and your students figure out how much information they have retained.

Your New Done-For-You eCourse Includes Four Modules

Course delivered in 4 powerful modules. This offers you maximum versatility on how you deliver the program. 

Each Module Includes...

Each module includes the following elements…

This Course Is Presented in Full Video & Audio

Get your eCourse up and running in no time with our done-for-you video content.

This video content is hosted on Canva – you can edit, download or even share with your free Canva account.

This video content will allow you to get your eCourse up in a snap. It also increases deliverability options.

Course Document

Each module comes with its own ‘Course Document’ – a comprehensive text-based guide that delves into one of the core concepts of the course.

Breaking content down into modules makes it easier to teach – and more importantly- understand. It allows your audience to ensure they fully grasp a concept, before they move on to the next one.

Canva Presentation Template

We also include a high-impact slide deck for each of the modules. These slide decks have been designed in and you simply import our pre-made template into your free Canva account to get started.

We’ve taken all of the content from a Course Module and created a slide deck that allows you unparalleled deliverability options. Now instead of a text based course, you can present this live, or even better, easily record it into video format.

Using the Canva template provided you can edit the slides, edit the speaker notes, change the designs/colors or make any other changes you see fit. From there, you can export the slide presentation into PPT, PDF, and a variety of other formats to suit your needs. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Action Guide

It’s very easy to get stuck in the “theory” phase and never move towards taking action.

That won’t be a problem with this course.

These action guides allow your audience to take the concepts you taught, and then put them into practice instantly!

Module Quiz

What is a course without a way to measure your progress? Enhance your course delivery with our module-specific quizzes!

Offer participants a dynamic way to test and solidify their grasp on key concepts, ensuring effective learning and topic mastery.

AI Generated Audio

We harnessed the latest in AI technology to provide high-quality audio. This audio covers all three modules, and has been broken down into a number of versatile MP3s

The Course Packaged As An eBook & Workbook Bundle

This is another way to present and deliver the course content. 

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All Inclusive eBook & Workbook

What if you don’t want to offer an eCourse? What if you just want to sell or offer your members an eBook.

We have got you covered

We offer the entire course in one 49 page document that includes the course content, important takeaways and module exercises (with room to complete them!).

This offers you the easiest, most universal way to deliver this content – a single doc.

Course Introduction
Module One – Understanding Stress
  • What Is Stress?
  • Common Causes Of Stress In Daily Life
  • Identifying Your Stressors
  • The Effects Of Stress On Health
  • Important Takeaways
  • Exercises
Module Two – Common Relaxation Techniques
  • Taking A Proactive Approach
  • Relaxation Techniques For Stress Relief
  • Important Takeaways
  • Exercises
Module Three – Lifestyle Changes For Stress Management
  • Diet And Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep And Stress
  • Important Takeaways
  • Exercises
Module Four – Navigating Common Stressful Situations
  • Workplace Stress
  • Personal Relationship Stress
  • Social Stress
  • Important Takeaways
  • Exercises
Final Remarks

Enhanced eBook

We also include an enhanced version of our eBook.

The enhanced eBook includes all the same content as our original, with enhanced styling and inclusion of royalty-free images.

This offers a speedy option for people who want to get the content into the hands of their audience as soon as possible.


Our checklist works perfectly as a course handout, and could even stand on its own if need be.

This document includes all the most important takeaways from the eBook in one handy to reference bullet-point list.

Done-For-You Lead-Generation Content

This is content you can freely use to attract high-quality leads.

Lead Magnet

This report was specifcially created to get people interested in the eCourse/eBook. It introduces some of the same concepts from the eCourse, but leaves your audience wanting just a bit more.

You can use this report as a lead magnet to attract leads for your course, or use this as stand alone content that you can offer as a bonus, thank you gift or any other creative use you can think of.

Includes Banner Images For Each Challenge

Challenge Kit

Instantly enhance the value of your lead generation magnet by offering it as a 5-Part Challenge.

Offering “Challenges” is a proven way to increase interactivity with your audience. It also offers you more versatility when delivering this content.

Two Unique 5-Part Email Series'

Since we offer the lead generation content in two unique mediums, it only makes sense to include two unique email series.

The “lead-gen” email series is the perfect solution to nurture leads if you offered the report as a traditional lead magnet.

The “challenge” email series was designed to help you deliver the 5-Day Challenge if you chose that option for your list building approach.

Marketing Materials

This is content that you can use to market your eCourse.

Sales Letter

You can get off to a quick start with our pre-written long-form sales copy.

For best results, tweak the copy so that it properly conveys your own unique voice.

3D eCovers

We offer a full suite of 3D rendered eCovers. No more photoshop needed – all flat covers are in Canva.

Thumbnail Images

These thumbnail images can help when you are creating your own sales pages.

Hand-Curated Unsplash Collection

Unsplash is the best place to get high-quality images that you can use in almost any way you desire.

We took the time to personally curate the best images for this topic and saved them in a handy collection you can use. Most of the images used in this package can be found in this collection.

Done-For You Traffic Generation Content

If you need content to brand yourself as an expert, or boost your traffic, we have you covered.

Blog Posts

Well written content will always have value. We include ten (400 word) articles that directly relate to the eCourse topic.

Article Titles: 

  • Key Techniques for Stress Reduction
  • The Impact of Stress on Your Health
  • Effective Strategies for Work-Life Harmony 
  • Nutritional Approaches to Lowering Stress 
  • Discovering The Relaxation Techniques That Work For You 
  • Tips to Thrive in the Face of Stress 
  • Tips for Staying Calm and Focused at Work 
  • Positive Thinking’s Role in Managing Stress 
  • How Quality Rest Can Reduce Stress Levels 
  • Everyday Exercises to Alleviate Stress

Blog Headers

A great way to introduce your blog post, and enhance it visually is to use a blog header.

We have used a canva template for these so that anyone can edit them without having to pay and learn new software. You can instantly change the colors, images, or even titles if you want to keep your content unique.

Blog Quotes

We have extracted the best quote from each articles, and created a “drop quote” image in Canva.

You can use these images to break up the text of your blog post, or use them on their own on your social accounts.

The Canva template is easy to use, and offers you unparalleled versatility in exporting and delivering your content.

Quick Tips

We have also extracted 3 one-line tips from each of the blog posts.

These tips capture the essence of the blog posts in just a few lines. We have included them in DOC formats so they are ready to use in any way you can imagine.

See below for examples of what we did with the tips.


We took the extracted tips from the last section, and repurposed it for Instagram.

We included two different image sizes:

  • 1080 x 1920 – This is the ideal size for Instagram Story’s. Stories are quickly becoming one of the most widely shared content on Instagram.
  • 1080 x 1350 – This is the ideal size for your typical Instagram post. Instagram images can also be square or landscape sized, but this format gives you the most real estate on the Instagram feed.

A link to the Canva template is available so that you can edit (add your branding, change colors, etc.) and export (multiple formats) right in your web browser.

Facebook Posts

We took the 30 tips we extracted from the articles and repurposed them into 30 Facebook friendly sized images that you can use to promote your offer, business or brand.

These images fit best on the Facebook platform, but you can use them anywhere.

Your download file will include a link to Canva so you can easily edit (for example add your website info!) right in your browser.

LinkedIn Images

We also repurposed the tips into perfectly sized images for Linkedin.

Linkedin has over 224 million users in North America.

Your download file will include a link to Canva so you can easily edit and share right in your browser.

Pinterest Images

We also repurposed the tips into perfectly sized images for Pinterest.

Pinterest has over 445 million daily users. Women have always made up the majority of that user base but Gen-Z and men are currently the fastest growing audience.

Your download file will include a link to Canva so you can easily edit and share right in your browser.

Tips Video Template

All 30 tips have been added to a self-help PLR video. Once again, we are harnessing the power of Canva.

All you need to do is visit the link we share with you and download the content as an MP4 video.

However, it’s what you can do that is far more interesting.

With Canva you can edit the video, change the music and even record a Voiceover. All without ever leaving your web browser and all for free!

Mobile Tips Video Template

The same tips as the above video, except this time we have drastically changed the style.

Note: We changed the dimensions to make this video mobile friendly.

Our License

Purchasing our products means you agree to our PLR License. This license is included in your download file as well.

  • You Can NOT sell Resell Rights
  • You Can NOT sell Master Resell Rights
  • You Can NOT sell Private Label Rights
  • You Can NOT share editable files
  • You Can NOT share any Canva templates
  • SELLABLE ASSETS must be either sold or locked behind a membership website
  • If you have a question about what you can or can’t do – contact us
  • Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is (personal use only)
  • Can be bundled with other products
  • Can be offered as a bonus
  • Can be added to paid membership sites
  • Can claim full authorship
  • Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)
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March 2024

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