The WordPress Playbook


Give Us Sixty Minutes And We’ll Show You How to Use WordPress to Build Customizable Business Specific Applications

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Work Through the Technical Processes of Using WordPress Strategically As a Website Platform

When we started Tools For Motivation (back in the olden days), we decided to go with WordPress.

This was so long ago, that we were moving from HTML websites we cobbled together using Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

Moving to WordPress was a literal game-changer. There are so many plugins, themes and helpful info online that it allowed us, and our business to grow along with it.

We finally made the switch when we considered the benefits: 

  • Ease of use – There are themes and plugins that let you change your entire website’s look and functionality with the click of a button.
  • Cost – It’s free! You will likely want to pay for your own hosting, though.
  • Widely Used – Tons of websites already use it – including major brands like Etsy, Zillow and Yelp.
  • Education Available – A lot of places offer training on WordPress. There is a vibrant support community.
  • Anything to Anyone – No matter what you want to create, WordPress will work for you.

If you have tried to use it before, and struggled to get going, we have just thing for you…

NOTE: This course is also valuable to people still on the fence about using WordPress. It will show you what is possible for your business and then give you a massive head start if you choose to use it.

WordPress Playbook Modules Include:

0001 – Quick Start Introduction
0002 – Using Plugin and Theme Search
0003 – Securing the SSL
0004 – Wordfence
0005 – Akismet Set Up
0006 – Privacy
0007 – Backup – Updraft
0008 – Rollback
0009 – Turn Your Site Into An Online Forum
0010 – Creating and Hiding Your Long Links
0011 – Setting Up a Paid or Free Membership
0012 – Setting Up an E-Mail From Your Hosting
0013 – Protect Your Membership Page Content
0014 – Zapier Connections – Part One
0015 – Zapier Connectins – Part Two
0016 – Incorporate Your Podcast
0017 – Create an Online Course Platform
0018 – Gamify The Stie Experience – Part One
0019 – Gamify the Site Experience – Part Two – Earn Points
0020 – Automate Your Plugins Without Zapier

Formats: Over-The-Shoulder Video | Audio Only Version | Machine Transcripts

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Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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April 2022

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