Using Camtasia [Personal Use]



In this Course, You’ll Discover How You Can Use Camtasia To Easily Produce Video Content

As all of our customer’s know – one of our founders (Justin) is incredibly comfortable on camera.

I (Ted), however am not as comfortable on camera.

I am lucky to work with Justin who complements my skill set (or lack thereof), so I get to reap all the rewards of his video content.

However – many of you are working solo, or don’t have a business partner who “the camera loves”.

The problem with that is video is becoming increasingly more popular – and vitally important. Whether you want to market your services, deliver eCourses, or build an online brand, video creation should be a part of that process.

If you aren’t comfortable on camera, that last paragraph was bad news. On the flip side, now it’s time for some good news – you don’t need to get in front of a camera.

In fact, you don’t need a camera at all!

Camtasia is a powerful software tool that allows you easily create videos by recording your computer screen. A lot of the “over the shoulder” training videos you have seen were probably recorded with Camtasia.

Important Notice: Camtasia does require some knowledge to use. While I have found it easier to use than it’s competitors, it’s nice to have a guiding hand.

Let Us Be That Guiding Hand…

This video series includes the following modules: 

0001 – Introduction and Overview
0002 – Upgrading Your Previous Registered Version of Camtasia
0003 – Download and Install Camtasia
0004 – The Editing and Recording Dialog
0005 – Setting the Recorder Preferences
0006 – Recording Your Webcam
0007 – Capturing the Information on Your Screen
0008 – Hardware in Your Chosen Dimensions
0009 – Installing the Microsoft PowerPoint Add-In
0010 – The PowerPoint Add In Controls
0011 – Recording Using the PowerPoint Add-In
0012 – File Set Up
0013 – File Operations
0014 – Working with Previous Versions of Camtasia
0015 – Converting Previous Camtasia Projects to the Most Recent Version
0016 – Project File Organization
0017 – Converting Files to Mp3
0018 – Batch Creation and Conversion to Mp3
0019 – Basic Timeline Operations
0020 – Basic Editing
0021 – Separating Audio and Video For Editing
0022 – Separating Audio and Video for Mp4 Videos
0023 – Final Processing and Export of Your Video File
0024 – Recording a Webinar with Camtasia

Provided in MP4 (video) | MP3 (audio) | DOC (transcript)


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January 2022


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