Zoom Training [Personal Use Only]


We are currently living in a Zoom World…

With the influx of people working from home, self isolated or social distancing – we find ourselves turning to tech to fill in that social gap.

And while Zoom isn’t the only tool out there, it is fast becoming the most popular. In the past month they have added more users than all of 2019.

  • People are having virtual get togethers on it
  • Schools are delivering their curriculum on it
  • Businesses are using it to keep work from home people connected
  • Entrepreneurs are using it to host webinars
  • Etc.

At ToolsForMotivation, we have been using Zoom for well over a year. We tried countless web-conference apps: Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx and GotoWebinar just to name a few. We tried the paid options, and the free options.

Zoom was a breath of fresh air for us.

In fact, in our neck of the woods – we are currently quarantined for the most part. Lacking that social connection with friends is very tough to deal with, especially if you are an introvert. Our group of friends has started a weekly Zoom chat that helps us feel that connection.

NOTE: Zoom is currently in the news for some apparent privacy issues. This makes knowing how to use it properly that much more important. Also there is a new feature freeze on it as the company dedicates itself to fixing the privacy issues first and foremost. 

We were lucky enough to find some super handy videos that taught us how to properly use Zoom.

These videos include just about everything you need to get started with Zoom. While the tips aren’t advanced, they can take a total newbie and make them Zoom proficient fairly quickly. If the vids helped us, they will likely help you as well.

If you are struggling with the new Zoom world we live in, or just need a couple of tips to help you look savvy in front of your tech proficient younger relatives, well then this is the package for you!

Included videos: 

  • 1 – Overview
  • 2 -Plans and Pricing
  • 3 – Zoom Referral and Partnership Program
  • 4 – Meeting Settings
  • 5 – Adding In Your Calendar
  • 6 – User Settings
  • 7 – Live Closed Captioning
  • 8 – Creating A Meeting – Part 1
  • 9 – Creating A Meeting – Part 2
  • 10 – Creating A Webinar – Part 1
  • 11 – Creating A Webinar – Part 2
  • 12 – Mobile Meetings and Webinars
  • 13 – Scheduling with Calendar
  • 14 – Managing Your Zoom Recording
  • 15 – Editing Your Zoom Recording
  • 16 – Transcribing Your Recording
  • 17 -Native Integrations – YouTube Upload
  • 18 – Storage Integrations
  • 19- Transcribing Your Recording
  • 20 Conclusion


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Release Month:

April 2020


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