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Running An Online Business Requires Patience

As a marketer I was very hesitant with the title I chose for this blog post. It is not a sexy headline nor is it something anyone wants to hear.

But as a Tools For Motivation follower, I assume that you are looking for the goods when it comes to what it REALLY takes to succeed with your online business. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur looking to expand your brand online or you are a total newbie, this lesson is CRITICAL.

You are going to get FRUSTRATED… probably quite often… in your journey to develop your online business.

Massive amounts of patience are required in order to develop a rich skill set that will allow you to succeed as an online entrepreneur. In this video, I am going to share some specific examples of the struggles I have gone though to develop skills that now serve me on a daily basis.


4 Replies to “Running An Online Business Requires Patience”

  1. Michele says:

    Thank you for this video… The things you explain here are exactly what I’ve gone through over and over. Yet, there are so many IM people out there telling us how easy doing business online is and how quickly you can start to make (a lot of) money…

    The truth is… that’s only partially true.

    You can do that once you have your system in place. The “sales funnel” if you will. That can take time and/or money. As well, it will depend upon what you sell (physical products, digital products or services) as to what that funnel will look like and what it entails to create and maintain it.

    Thank you for being generous and brave enough to “show and tell” how rocky your trip to online success has been. As well as, wanting/needing to learn more because that never ends! All the future success to you!

    1. Justin.Popovic says:

      Hey Michele

      Excellent. So glad you got value from this post. Always learning, growing, improving and striving to be better. Works in business and life and anyone who is not going through that process is probably moving in the wrong direction 🙂 Thanks for checking it out

  2. Graham says:

    Thanks for the boost, Justin. Everyone needs one sometime 🙂

    1. Justin.Popovic says:

      Glad you like it Graham thanks for stopping by 🙂

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