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You may download and use the following PLR samples on this page for use in your own business. You may alter, change and republish the content with your own branding. The only restriction is you may NOT pass along the editable content or ANY usage rights to your audience. The content has been designed to help you create your own products to sell or distribute to your audience with personal use rights.

Sample 1

Mini-Report About Memory in .DOCX Format

Download Report

Sample 2

Self Confidence Tips Video in .MP4 Format

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Sample 3

“Power of Happiness” Slide Deck in .PPT Format

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Sample 4

Self-Esteem Tips Poster .PSD (Download Flat PNG here)

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Additional Personal Use Samples From Our Self Help Catalog

Usage Rights

The following samples are additional “personal use” files for you to browse and get a better feel for the style and quality of our content. The content is non editable and is designed for your own use as a research tool.

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