Using Challenges To Pre-Sell Premium Products and Services

A popular style of web based marketing in recent years has been the concept of 30 Day Challenges.

Challenges usually follow the format of publishing content every day for 30 days based around a certain topic. The style of content can vary from blog posts to social media, video, audio, presentation decks, graphics and more!

At Tools For Motivation, we specialize in “content licensing” (also knows as Private Label Rights or PLR) where you can purchase done-for-you content and then customize/publish it as your own.

Some of our promotional partners who also sell licensed content specialize in 30 Day Challenges where they create blog posts and pre-written emails (to promote the blog posts) for you. Then you can copy/paste that material into your marketing and save a huge amount of time.

It is a great service with lots of flexibility to customize and edit the content as you see fit.

Which brings us to our lesson for today…

How To Use Challenge Style Content To Pre-Sell Premium Products And Services

In the following video, I show you how to take content from a typical challenge-style PLR offer and use it to pre-sell premium products/services (like coaching or consulting).

It uses the concept of Personal Branding to get your prospects accustomed to hearing your voice and leveraging your website as a means of building trust with people… even if they live on the other side of the world!

Check it out…


See A Demo Of A Challenge Lesson Converted To Video…

And then to give you an idea of how I would implement the example I demonstrate in the video above, I recorded a quick video where I narrate one of the articles from the 30 Day Challenge used in my example.

Notice the simplicity…

==> 1 Slide
==> 1 Article
==> Recorded in about 5 minutes

It took about 8 minutes to save and upload to Youtube.

If you did something like the following video every day for 30 days you would have 30 excellent pieces of content that brand you personally and help your prospects get to “know you” (at least virtually). This will make selling your premium courses, coaching, etc… FAR easier.

Here is my example article-turned-video…



NOTE: In the first training video I mention a second training about creating a free offer with an upsell. Please visit THIS BLOG POST for more information.

2 thoughts on “Using Challenges To Pre-Sell Premium Products and Services”

  1. Thanks for the great marketing concept. BTW, you have a great deep voice on audio. . . . I am just about to promote a training program – Overcoming Obstacles and Gaining Resilience.

    1. Justin.Popovic

      Thank you Eva! I trained under Barry White for many years as a vocal student…. ok just kidding but I do appreciate the feedback.
      And in all seriousness, the program sounds excellent I love anything to do with persistence, resilience, etc…

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