Using Email Automation In A Sales Funnel – A Live Example From Tools For Motivation

Sales Funnels – There is always a bit of a “buzz” around this term because virtually every business that operates online can use “sales funnels” to effectively drive revenue and create loyal, repeat customers.

In the PLR world, we get questions from MANY of our customers who want to know how to use PLR content to help them implement the sales funnels they are building in their business. 

(At the end of this post, you will find a link to another training we released previously about how to use PLR to help craft your funnels.)

Sales Funnels In Action (Email Automation):

In the following training video, you are going to get a “behind the scenes” look at one of our actual sales funnels here at Tools For Motivation. Specifically, we are going to pull back the curtain and show you a live example of an email automation sequence we used on one of our recent PLR launches.

Start by watching the following video…

(you may need to click the Youtube option for “full screen” to see all of the content on the video)

Video Quick-Summary:

  • How we use WooCommerce combined with ActiveCampaign
  • How to engage with your buyers/subscribers after they take action
  • How to over-deliver beyond the expectations of your customer to create long term value
  • A real example of one of our email automations in a sales funnel
  • How we increase conversions on upsells by re-promoting the offer to people who have not yet purchased

Hopefully this little “case study” example of a Tools For Motivation sales funnel will help you understand how to go from theory to implementation when it comes to building your own sales funnels.

Remember, the KEY to a successful funnel is your ability to follow up with your buyers/subscribers after they take some kind of action on your site.

Stay engaged
Do your very best to deliver value.
Be consistent (and persistent) with your approach…

…And sales funnels WILL work for you too!

Additional Sales Funnel Training (Using PLR):

As mentioned above, the following training post will show you some additional examples of how to use PLR content to help you setup the beginning of a sales funnel for your business…

Using PLR To Create A Free Offer With An Upsell

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