Using PLR To Create A Resource Library For Your Clients

A very common usage model that our customers employ when it comes to implementing Tools For Motivation PLR packages is to build online courses. This may include video courses, group coaching style programs, self study courses and more. If you are currently publishing courses (or you plan to), what you are likely going to find is that you will start creating ongoing/updated resources for your students. This may include live Q&A sessions, private facebook groups or forums, guest lectures, etc…

As your asset base grows, your students will need a way to quickly sort through not only your training, but all of the supplemental material that you will inevitably be adding to your library.

That’s where the concept of a resource sheet comes in handy. This can be as simple as a PDF or Google Doc or something more complex like a database. But the end result is that your students use the resource sheet to quickly browse through all of your educational material to find the elements that are of most use to them at the time.

In the following video, we cover how to use a resource sheet AND how you can begin using PLR to grow your library of resources over and above your core course materials

Hopefully this gives a few new insights on how you can enhance your online training offerings AND how PLR may help you to do so!



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