Using PLR to Create a Video Training Program

OK I am going to assume that you have not had any challenges finding good quality PLR products on the market.

(If you have, take a quick look around lol)

BUT… I know that many people struggle with actually USING that PLR in their business.

In fact one of the most common questions we hear from our customers is…

“What is the best way to make money from your PLR?”

Of course, it is almost impossible to answer with a single response. Why?

Because every person’s situation is different! I

usually reply with a follow up question along the lines of, “Well… what business are you in? How do you currently make money? Do you sell products, services, both? Online, offline, both?” (and so on).

If I had to pick a generic reply to this question I would say the following…

Think of PLR as a source of content that has already been made for you, and find ways to integrate it uniquely with your business to add more value to your customers.

So today, what I would like to do is walk through a very specific example/case study of how I used someone else’s PLR very effectively within the context of one of my products.

I am sharing this in 2 formats today:

  1. A simple checklist overview of what I did to use PLR in my product
  2. A more in depth video showing the exact process of using PLR

PART 1 – Overview Checklist

In 2012 I created a very comprehensive video based training program called where I teach people how to take knowledge and experience from their own life and turn it into information products you can sell online.

The course is broken into 4 weeks (or 4 parts):

  • Week 1: Strategy and Idea Generation
  • Week 2: Product Construction
  • Week 3: Positioning, Packaging
  • Week 4: Sales Preparation, Sales Funnel

Building the content took a MASSIVE amount of work on my part because I had to extract hundreds of ideas, lessons, experiences and so on from 3 years of selling products online.

The 4th week deals with the sales process. One specific area of selling is “Copywriting”. This is an area I am “decent” at but certainly not an expert.

I brought in 2 experts to help me teach copywriting. 1 live expert and 1 “PLR” expert.

I purchased PLR to Eric Louviere’s Best Internet Marketing Book Ever.

There is an excellent copywriting template that Eric teaches to help his students learn how to write sales letters. I have used the template successfully myself. So… I simply took the section of the ebook with the sales letter template… and added it as an exercise in MY course.

This was key: I TOLD my students that the sales letter template came from Eric Louviere and that I purchased RIGHTS to repackage it for them. Everyone I talked to was very happy with that. I am a product creator with TONS of experience to help my students. The fact that I’m not a copywriting teacher did not stop me from helping my students get high quality coaching in this area.

So… the main lesson here is that you probably have a lot of your own ideas and projects on the go. Think of ways to take PLR and use it to enhance your OWN work. Maybe use it to help pre-sell some of your work in the form of a front end report. There are really no limits as long as you use the PLR within the boundaries of the rights given by the seller.

PART 2 – Video Demo

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    1. Hey Murrey,
      After several years I decided to pull ProdCreate off the market because I could no longer support the time commitment it required. We had to focus exclusively on building Tools For Motivation! Having said that, I’m happy to discuss and share advice from that program that may help. For yourself or anyone reading this, you can always send a support ticket in and ask and I’ll do my best to share what info I have about product creation. A good place to start is here:


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